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  1. It is intended to be a home shop, not a industrial space. As a finished plywood floor the seams would be visible. Option B would be using it as subfloor and 'protect' it with a flooring layer.
  2. I thought the expense of Dri core & having a moisture/water barrier (fewer seams) were advantages for Platon. (I've had basement flooding in the past, so that's a big issue for me) There's instructions on their website on using Platon as an underlayment. They say "Average floor loading of 80 lb/sq.ft at temperature less than 102° F 39° C , less than 1/8” 3mm deflection" so a 4'x8' plywood sheet spreading the weight would support 2,560 lbs by my back of envelope math.
  3. I put OSB on platon membrane (the dimpled plastic used around basement foundations) with tapcons in our basement. If you used oak or maple faced plywood you'd have a quick, decent looking floor that's easier on your feet or dropped tools.
  4. Off the top of my head; Lee Valley sells plastic clips (Veritas Platform Saddles) to hold 1x3's or 2x4's on edge for a panel table. They can be screwed to a 2x4 or use 20mm, 3/4" dog holes. You can remove the battens where you're cutting leaving them on either side for support. I bought three sets to hold 6 battens for my cut-down table.