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  1. I would assume we would cut about an acre out of the three. I am not sure how many trees; I would on the low end say 50 and maybe only half worth keeping. Most limbs are at least 20 feet up. I have access to a mill, but also I was looking into getting my own but it might be too expensive(still need to figure that out.; I know a number of people who do tree work in the area and I was thinking for the future to saw up some whenever the opportunity comes up. To keep them out of the dirt I was going to build something before starting. We are clearing this to build a house and want to do some homes
  2. We are clearing some trees soon. My wife and I want to use the wood from our land and not just burn as we go. My thought was to build a lean-to structure to store the logs; maybe mill some before storing but might be too expensive at this time. We do not have any projects in mind at this time; I am just starting to get into wood working and we both agree to keep it a hobby for us; something for me to get up from a desk and be more active. Has anyone done something like this? Is there anything I am missing? Should I mill the logs before storing or can I store chunks of the trunk wit