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  1. Definitely solid oak, very heavy. I just stripped a leaf and applied Prestain. Below is the before sanding
  2. Thank you. I had a feeling sanding may cause uneven absorption, but the GF videos don’t show to sand to bare wood. In One amateur tutorial they first sprayed with shellac before applying stain.
  3. Hi everyone, A newbie here. After watching online tutorials I decided to use GF gel stain to refinish our orangey oak dresser top. I found a perfect solid oak table on the side of the road for practicing. I sanded the finish on the tabletop with 220 orbital sander, not completely to raw wood, just to smooth it out. Then I wiped the dust off and wiped again with mineral spirits. I applied 3-4 coats of GF gel stain in Antique walnut using wipe-on - wipe off method, in sections, waiting about 1 minute before wiping off. The painting conditions were perfect, temperature and humidity-wise and