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  1. Wow, thanks so much for all the responses here! I really appreciate it, this is good stuff and great tips. I only paid $25 for all the pieces (2 dressers and bed) - the guy just really wanted them out of his shed, which probably explains the condition. Definitely ply as a substrate, which surprised me when I saw it. I like the idea of recreating the pieces, though, or studying them for design - those curved tops aren't something I've ever seen before. I'll be sure to post project pics if it gets that far. Thanks for the channel recommendation! i think I came across one
  2. Thanks man, happy to be here! Yeah I kinda had the feeling that it might be a little much for me (still learning) but I couldn't let it go to waste. Thanks so much for the insight, I really appreciate it
  3. Hi all, total (new member) amateur here. Admins please feel free to delete this topic if this isn't the place for it. Just picked up my first repair project on the cheap and I'm interested to see if you all think it's salvageable. It's a bedroom set from the 1920s or so. Veneer is in pretty bad shape but the main issues are a bowed drawer and the general disrepair of the sides of the dressers. Pretty sure I can fix the drawer with some clamps and humidity but I'm more worried about the structural integrity of the pieces as a whole. (Note: picture of bed frame not includ