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  1. I've tried ..... So you didn't try that new link I put?
  2. Try that link
  3. I'm trying to upload pics but they are not wanting to upload for some reason I've left this page up for the last 30 minutes and no progress had been made in the uploading bar on the screen
  4. So I'm trying to get rid of the triangle of space between the 3 pieces of wood
  5. I'm trying to fit together 3 30⁰ angled 2×2's with 120⁰ angles (2 60⁰ cuts from middle of pieces) and i was womdering how to do this since they are at an angle already and starting from the middle I can't just hold a speed square up to the wood any ideas on how to do this. Also these are going to be legs for a bench im building and i wanted them to fit nicely against one another so they can support a good amount of weight without having to worry about anything falling apart or getting loose and wobbly over time.