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  1. It sounds like I may have been overestimating the movement of the wood -- I had assumed a yearly swing of around 10% moisture content winter/summer in Ontario. But reading through the USDA Wood Handbook, it sounds like it may be as little as 3 percentage points. That gives more like 1/16" movement over 12". @curlyoak I'm no expert, but I wouldn't really say it's tight grain, I count between 6 and 8 rings per inch. I appreciate the input as I try to get this figured out!
  2. That is one gorgeous door, curlyoak! It's good to know about your issues with mold on the white oak -- I live on a river in Ontario, there is a lot of humidity in the summer here, and it's very dry in the winter. Since I've already bought the oak for my door, I'm going to proceed, and my current thinking is to use Cutek oil on it rather than a varnish. According to the numbers, my bottom rail may easily expand & contract 1/4" or more in our humidity extremes, so I will definitely have to account for it!
  3. I'm building a full-light exterior door, with a triple-glazed window unit. I’d like this door to last hundreds of years, so I’ve bought some quarter-sawn 8/4 white oak, and I’m planning on a 12″ bottom rail to take the weight of the glass. My plan is to give the bottom rail a double tenon, 3-1/2″ per tenon, with a full haunch, and pin both tenons. Single pinned tenon on the top rail. What’s got me worried is thinking about expansion and contraction of the bottom rail, and how to allow for it in the joints. I’m thinking that perhaps I could just pin one of the double tenons and leav