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  1. Well, shoot. I appreciate all the comments. As a total beginner, I had no idea breadboard was necessary and the guide I used suggested that pocket screws and glue would minimize or stop shifting in wood that had sat for months. I do not think I have the tools or expertise to do breadboard. Should I poly it and see what happens or cut off the ends and leave it bare? If I do leave it bare, the end thickness will appear thinner than the lengthwise thickness due to board running there. thanks
  2. So far, these comments are making me feel better. I suppose my expectations were different. ill create a little sample area to finish and see how it looks. Would anyone have a recommendation for Watco Wipe-On poly vs Varathan oil based poly as a better option to hide these “dry looking” spots? Thanks again
  3. Hello all, im new to woodworking and just about completed a new farmhouse table for our new home. Then I ruined it. The surface is pine, and I just applied two coats of Watco Danish Oil in dark walnut, with plans to poly after. The color came out well at first and then when it cured, it’s a blotched mess. I either totally spaced out or thought that pretreating the wood with natural oil was optional (as the can says), but it is definitely NOT optional. Please, is there a way I can fix this issue? I doubt I can use stripper on the cured product, and I’m worried about sanding since it absorbs. I’m totally destroyed. This went from a project I was proud of to one I’m thinking of not completing Thanks