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  1. Oh for sure..I knew Sam and knew him well. I once brought a tabletop I was working on and having some difficulty with getting all the parts to come together. Sam stopped what he was doing and got down on the floor with me (literally) and helped me assemble the top. That was the Sam I knew. he was very personable and kind. He was also a salesman too and a good one..
  2. One thing I know is after Sam passed away, the orders dropped off.. I actually have a good friends who placed an order for over $120,000 for several Maloof pieces and when Sam died, he inquired if there would be some sort of reduction in price since they would no longer be made or signed by Sam, and was told no..so he cancelled his order. I'm pretty sure that happened a lot. No name, not worth the high dollars. Personally I felt this was a poor business decision on the Maloof woodworking part, reducing the cost some could have kept the sale and money coming in rather than making nothing on a
  3. Sam started in 1947 when the market was virtually new for handmade pieces. and he basically started at ground zero and made for pieces for him and his wife, where someone saw it and asked if he could do the same for them.. he built up and just played his card right and knew the right people. exactly right..it's finding those willing to pay..that's the trick
  4. the biggest obstacle is finding those who are willing to pay for your talent and effort that you put into making of these pieces.
  5. well.. the chairs I have made sold for very good amounts, while although not nearly what Sam made, I was very satisfied for what I got for them
  6. Well.. all I see is him doing Sam's designs. I have not seen anything other than.. They started selling Maloof "baseball caps and money holders as well as Charcuterie boards and spice holders, but nothing of the furniture. Personally, I feel selling those types of items "cheapens" the Maloof name in a way.. just my 0.02
  7. Well.. I get e mails and such about live edge shelving and spice holders and charcuterie boards coming out of the shop..I highly doubt thats going to make a name for himself..
  8. Oh..I can attest to that for sure.. the name is 80% of the value I would think..
  9. As most here know, I am a big Sam Maloof fan. And most of you know that Sam passed away back in 2009. At the time of his death, his iconic chairs were selling for $38,000 for the tiger maple rockers. I do not know what they sell for now, but I heard they are around the $20,000 area now depending on what wood species they are made in. I know Mike Johnson along with his son Stephen are continuing the business and have purchased the Maloof woodworking part of the business, with Mike's wife Joanne running the office part, so it's all be kept within the Johnson family now. It's obvious
  10. I made a boom arm that hovers over my work table that is hooked up to a vacuum and has a power cord and a Festool cord built into it..the vacuum works quite well in helping keep the dust down when I sand..
  11. I have nailguns and clamps and tape measures all down inside those cubbyholes.. It keeps everything I need right at the table without taking up any tabletop space, but yea, a downdraft would be super nice.
  12. My shop is 1200sf...PACKED to the gills..haha I have a Felder sliding tablesaw with a powermatic 66 on the outfeed side that takes up a lot of space in the middle of the shop.
  13. ha.. maybe..I was in and out fast..
  14. Since I'm new to this site, I'm not sure if the topic of "Work Benches" have been covered, but figured I would share mine I have always had a good size work bench that was 4' x 8' and made it to serve as an outfeed table for my tablesaw. As I did cabinets, it became harder and harder as I got older, to lift big, heavy cabinets off the bench. I basically had to slide the cabinet over till it wanted to tip off and then set one end on the floor and tilt the cabinet up. It was just a pain to do. My dream was to have one of those Barth lift tables, but WOW are they expensive!! SO..one