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  1. so then i'm good to remove that 8" piece with the three 4" ports and just add an 8" reducer and the 6" pipe to it? thank you krtwood
  2. this is the connection i am talking about, can i just remove it and connect an 8" to 6" reducer and run my pipes? i know the image is a CFlux, but it looks the same
  3. I just bought the laguna p|flux 3 and i will be running all my pipe on Monday, but it came with a 8" by 4" 3 port connector and I was wondering if i could remove it and just route an 8" down to 6" reducer and connect with that or do I have to connect to one of the 4" ports? i feel like i read somewhere that you can use 2 of the 4" ports and then leave one open. But i am VERY new to all of this and I dont want to break my dust collector by hooking up a single 8" connection if it is not meant to handle that, please help. and thank you!!