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  1. Spurtles eh? Those look really handy as well as beautiful. What a great way to use up cut offs.
  2. Great chairs! Can't wait to see them after the upholstery.
  3. Martin-IT has a very good point. Some species seem to fare better than others when sitting in log form. I know oak, both red and white should be sawn, stickered and air dried asap to minimize splitting and checking. We had a straight line windstorm fell dozens of large red and white oaks a few years back. The logs we quickly milled into 4/4 and 6/4 and then stickered turned into some nice lumber. The logs we started to mill 7 months later turned into some nice firewood due to the checking and splitting even though the ends were sealed.
  4. Coop, I'm in SW Michigan, about halfway between Detroit and Chicago. Seems like a friendly crowd here, again thanks everyone for the warm welcome.
  5. Yes. Jensen designed, produced by Selig. I've always heard them referred to as Selig z's, but the designer should be the one the chair is named for. Looking forward to your next set, although imo the ones you made are going to be difficult to top. Very nice build along, I appreciate the effort you put unto sharing.
  6. New guy here. Those are some fine Selig style Z chairs, well done! Love mcm. Were the cushions a major expense for the project?
  7. Thank you all for the welcome. BillyJack, I frequent SMC, WoodWeb, and used to hand out at Woodnet until they "upgraded" something and I can no longer log in. Tried going through the registration process several times but never could get through.
  8. I just discovered these forums and look forward to participating. I'm new here, but not to woodworking where I've been involved for 4+ decades building cabinetry, furniture, and "treen". I'm happily retired and enjoy shop time, reading, hiking, film photography and seeing my kids and grandkids. I look forward to getting to know and learn from you all and sharing what I've learned when I have something pertinent to say. I may know some of you from other forums but I love hearing other viewpoints on the woodworking we all love.