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  1. @Tpt life @wtnhighlander thank you so much for your help and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate. I hope experts in finishing will join our conversation. Meanwhile I’ll look at this Minwax product too.
  2. @Tpt lifethank you for your reply! Do you have ideas of what should I use? Desperate Newbie here
  3. Hi @wtnhighlanderthank you for your reply! They did appear after the BIN primer. I was not concerned since someone told me that some primers can develop stain but they lock stains in the primer layer. So, after seeing the stains on the primer I did the paint spraying. And the stains appeared again...
  4. Hi @Chestnut! Thank you so much for your reply! I thought it was enough since I did two layers of shellac before 1 layer of BIN. Please, give me some idea of what should I do now so I can save the piece.
  5. Hello guys! Happy New Year! Since woodworking is an hobby for me, I decided to paint my dresser today. And I ruined my first day of the new year. So, update: I wanted to play safely, so after 2 coats of shellac I did 1 coat of the BIN primer. I sanded just with a 600 grit paper, only to reach smoothness. Today I used my air sprayer (with white paint) and TA-DA! 15 minutes after the first coat of painting... the bleeding appeared agiai!!! I’m soooo upset!! I can believe it. What should I do now?? Pictures a of the “new” persistent bleeding. Thank you!
  6. Thank you! I will definitely try and try again!
  7. @JohnGthank you! Yes, this is not an European frame, but in Europe they use a red layer before applying leaves, I read this somewhere. Looks complicated to me, because I’m a beginner. But it’s interesting. Thank you for your help
  8. Thank you so much @wtnhighlander! As you noticed, I am a newbie so I really appreciate your help and your suggestions. I live in US now (sorry for my English!) and I will use the products you mentioned for cleaning the surface before sanding anymore. Still don’t know if I will do the golden part with leaves or paint. Need to compare and think about. Thank you again!
  9. Thank you @drzaiusand @Chestnut. First I will test the paint in a patch just to be sure, as you suggested! I’ll keep you posted. Thank again everyone for your help!
  10. Hi there! I got a old frame. I’m trying to bring it back. I started to sand it and I discovered it was gold in the inner part. So: 1) I would love to restore it in the same way. Do you have any idea on how to do it? How to reproduce this reddish antique gold? 2) There is still the black paint on the black dots. Any idea on how to remove it without damaging the little dots? attached pictures of my work in progress. comments and suggestions on my whole job are more then appreciated too! Thanks!
  11. Ok, thank you. I have already applied two coats of shellac. I would apply on coat of BIN primer just to be extra sure the wood doesn’t bleed. Am I correct or this move will build to thickness?
  12. Thank you @Chestnutand @drzaius. So, for dummies guys like me: 2 coats of shellac with wax + No sanding or sanding?+ 1 or 2 coats of BIN primer (sanding between them). Am I right? May I use this spray instead of the one in the can? Thank you again!
  13. @Chestnut ta-daaa I’va already done 2 coats of this. I’m impressed as @drzaiuswith the BIN primer. May I use it over my 2 coat of my shellac?
  14. Thank you @Chestnut! This is a great idea and it makes me feel more safe. Can I put this primer over shellac?
  15. @wtnhighlanderthank you. Yes, the back is an horrible plywood. I would love to replace it, but I don’t know how and it’s a different problem with this piece. Thank you for your explanation, I’m so glad to be here with so experienced people. Based on the pictures I sent is it hard to say which kind of wood is it? I’m glad the shellac will be enough to fix the issue, I very hope so. I really don’t want to see more bleeding.