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  1. Thanks for the information! I like the jig and with one or two modifications that could work.
  2. Thanks Mark. I checked them out and it seemed like they were all for door hinges and would not work for me.
  3. Can anyone guide me to where I can find a jig to mortise for cabinet/butt hinges. I do not care if it is a shop made jig or store bought. I would like it to go from 3/4" wide stock and up. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  4. When you say cardboard enclosure does that include a top or only the sides?
  5. Thank you one and all! I have an extra space heater so I'm going to try it and the cardboard box idea. And if I may ask another question, someplace I read that once you open the epoxy and hardener and left over cannot be saved. True or false? As spendy as it I hope that's false.
  6. guidanceNeed some ideas on how to keep a epoxy pour in the mid to high 70's for curing. I live in the mountains of Idaho and my garage is not "heat" efficient by any means. During the night I might be able to keep it at around 50 degrees. So I need to maybe build a heat box or use some sort of heating blanket for or ??????? What do you think would be best. Over head heat lamp or a heating blanket. I have never made a river board but really want to so any ideas and guidance would be greatly appreciated.