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  1. Hey guys!! I have very good news...I replaced the brush holder and the planer is working like a champ!! I really appreciate everyone’s help and advice. I’ll be back soon!!!
  2. Thanks to all you guys/gals for your input and assistance. I found the part at for $7.00. It’s part # 5140011-86, brush holder. I’ll let you know when it comes in.
  3. MYSTERY SOLVED! I believe we located the issue. The picture at the bottom displays the culprit. There was a connector on the housing where the brushes are located. The connector broke. We tried to solder it back, after breaking the plastic housing, unsuccessfully. Trying to track down this part. I sure hope this is the makes sense.
  4. No clue about this motor. Since I confirmed power was leaving the power switch, I checked the continuity on the motor through the brush holes. Assuming it can be checked in that manner, the motor had continuity. Yet, it will not power on. Won’t even hum, not a sound. What is the darned problem.
  5. The switch goes directly to the motor...and i'm afraid that could be the problem. I have power coming from the switch. And that's after I reconnected the circuit breaker. i know there's an easier way, but I reconnected switch and CB and metered the hot and neutral lines coming from the switch. I had 120v coming out of the switch. It sure looked like it was a direct shot to the motor. At least I don't have to order the switch and CB...hopefully.
  6. I dont think the power is getting past the switch. I know I have power coming into switch. I assume I'm not since it's not powering on...but I could just as easy meter it coming out of the switch and see. Thank you Coop. You can tell my electrician skills are off the chart.
  7. I was really hoping to get some power to the motor to make sure it still works. Even though I've taken good care of the planer, it's still a planer...and i've had it for over ten years. And really like it. I'm not a motor guy. But i checked the brushes and they looked good to me (all relative). I was hoping to inspect the inside of the motor but wasn't able to remove the pulley on the end of the shaft and hated to force it.
  8. Had the planer powered on, the plan was to immediately shutoff and replace circuit breaker. never made it that far.
  9. Yes...temporarily of course. In an attempt to test the switch. And/or, test the circuit breaker.
  10. The mystery continues. I was able to meter the power coming out of the microswitch, and took the circuit breaker out of the circuit...taking the hot/black wire from the microswitch and connecting it directly to the power switch. I tried turning the planer on and got nothing. I was hoping it was a bad switch. I took the power switch from my radial arm saw and replaced the planer switch with didn’t work either. I am reluctant to order a new switch, but, agree it’s a minor expense (thanks Amazon). I’m open to suggestion...or if anyone sees errors in my approach please advise. Thank you!!!
  11. The mystery continues. You guys were on the nose on the microswitch. I took some electrical tape and taped it down and put a meter on the hot wire coming out of it and the neutral wire and it had power. So I reconnect the circuit breaker and main switch and i have no power. I jumped across the circuit breaker and tried it again and still no power. Im in St. Louis for the weekend...prolly time to go get a switch and circuit breaker.
  12. I'll check...heading that way shortly. Thanks!!!
  13. Good intel Coop. Yes, I had it completely reassembled. No power. I removed the top shroud to get to the switch and circuit breaker. I'm wondering if I couldn't depress the micro switch manually and see if it is getting power to the off/on switch.
  14. Update on Dewalt 735 Planer power issue. I was able to put my Dewalt planer back together (small miracle)...but i was not able to power it on. So, as one of the commenters to this thread suggested, I've taken a couple of pictures and in so doing I may have found the problem. First though I tried to jump around the circuit breaker on the planer thinking that was my problem. It may be a problem but another one. I found the power coming into the planer and to the switch. i put a meter on the neutral and hot wires and got no reading. Then i noticed a very small black transformer or relay (maybe)
  15. Thanks WTNHighlander! I will try this and let you know ASAP.