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  1. yes, both problematic ones were Purple Heart.. all of the pieces were cut out of the same big chunk of 12/4 wood that’s been laying around in my shop for 14 years... The temperature and humidity were both less than desirable, in fact really not good, but everything else dried okay, although it was slowly...
  2. Grace and Titan spray tips do work in the Harbor Freight airless spraygun... it’s a more budget friendly way to get a nice finish. Inexpensive paint is a costly mistake... I learned that early on as a professional. Stick to quality product like Sherwin Williams Pro Classic or Ben Moore Cabinet Coat or an equal if you are using water-based.
  3. I’m curious, therefore reviving this thread... I am running into a similar problem, and am puzzled. Not much to find on the web. i made about 20 coasters today. Two have this white in the finish. The others do not. All were made and finished in the exact same way at the exact same time. First coat was lacquer, all following coats oil based poly, everything was sprayed, all at the same time...