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  1. I think I will try that, I felt under the belt it wasn't the smoothest Thanks for the input
  2. Lets see the first thing did was put the paper on backwards, and shredded it , taped the paper down with packing tape that didn't work. The answer would be no This is my first one, I also was in a hurry to see it work . The first board I tried I did try to take to much. Thanks for replying it's so interesting to get other opinions from other wood workers
  3. This is a first for me, joining a forum and asking for help but I could use some advice. I purchased a Ross 37'' drum sander, The rollers seam tight with no play in them.The variable feed motor works real good. The conveyor belt is fairly tight.But when I feed a door through it tends to get stuck and it gouge out like a planner would do. It also did it to a piece of Alder to. I was thinking the plywood on the bottom table might be worn down.If anybody have any experience with these machines your advice would be appreciated your humble wood worker