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  1. Is Timber pricing in line with WWS? Timber is closer for me than the Tempe WWS.
  2. Very cool man. I'm lucky enough that when I set mine up, I'm going to vent mine outside. I've read a lot about the air shifts due to the draw and whatnot but winters are never a problem for me, I live in the southwest so I don't need to heat my shop. Cooling, now that's a different story. I tend to work in the evenings moreso than the day in the summers, so I'm good with venting to my side yard.
  3. Thanks for that info Bob. I'll have to install a new circuit then since I picked up that Wen impellar. Edit: ordering the impellar is as simple as Matt said, just shot them an email and they responded within an hour or so with an invoice.
  4. Hey man, thanks a lot for that info. That's real helpful and I'm looking forward to picking one up this week.
  5. MattCRNA I'm curious as to where you can order this from. I recently got my hands on a HB DC for a fair price and was hoping to upgrade it.