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  1. I was curious what finish would prove a high gloss shine?
  2. I finished up my first turning and was wondering about what finish to put on it for a higher gloss shine. Was I supposed to leave it on the lathe and finish on the lathe? So far a little tung oil, the client wanted the urn blue so that is why it is.
  3. I cannot say for certain, this is my initiation into turning. The lathe did like to walk, but I bolted it down. I mean I am able to ramp the speed up over 1000rpm between centers. When drilling out I imagine it should be done at lower rpm is that right? Also it was a wen chuck that I am using, is it just because it is a cheap chuck?
  4. I have a chuck but I think the urn is too tall or heavy at the top end. I am thinking a steady rest should help. I did try just turning down the base end and putting it into the chuck. It works but when I bring the drill bit in with the tail stock it wobbles more.
  5. So I am a new to turning. I am working on an urn and I have been turning between a drive center and a live center, so in essence spindle turning. I need to start to hollow it out so I mounted to a faceplate now it wobbles when I start up the lathe. How do I achieve a wobble free face mount turning.?tia