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  1. I use the sharpener for knives. I really like it. It is simple to use and quick. The most difficulty I had with it was getting the belt adjustment right so that the belt didn't ride up or down the pulley. Once I did that though, it worked like a charm.
  2. Hi Collin, I have a three part system for wood scraps. If it is greater than 2 board feet I will save it in a wood bin--but only if there is room in the bin for more wood. If my storage bin is full, or if it is under 2 board feet it is given either to my kids for them to hammer, glue, cut, and build "cool" things. (the kids range from 4 to 10); or it is cut up and used for kindling in the fireplace/firepit/smoker. Enjoy the sorting this weekend.
  3. It is made from maple. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  4. I used Zinnser Bullseye clear coat. I thought Zinnser was dewaxed, but I don't see anything about is on the can. I did put the shellac on all sides, but only put the arm-r-seal oil-urethane on the visible sides.
  5. In June I finished building an endtable. To finish it I used 4 coats of Shellac. After sanding it smooth I applied 3 coats of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal. Now I have noticed that the finish appears to be bubbling up in places. It looks like the table has a rash. Are there any theories as to what is happening? The table has been kept in at about 77 degrees until last thursday when the AC broke. Since then it has been bathed in the humidity of Virginia. Any advice would be helpful.
  6. I have a 10" sliding miter saw. I can make and 11.5" cut with mine safely. That cut length is regardless of the angle of the cut.
  7. You can always get a collared dickey for the shop. Here are some samples:
  8. Hey Steve, I find the best solution (in VA at least) is keeping the glue warm in the laundry room in the winter months. Then when I do a glue up when it is under 50 degrees, I use a space heater to keep the garage warm while the glue sets and dries. It has worked for my projects thus far.
  9. Hey Tim, I don't know what part of VA you are from, but if you are near the Hampton Roads area, you could try Wurth Wood Group (also a branch near Roanoke) or Yukon Lumber. Both of these are located in Norfolk. Enjoy your lumber hunting.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion Paul-Marcel.
  11. My local guild is looking into ways to use cameras to display a presenter's work while it is taking place. Ideally they want to use 3-5 cameras so that they can zoom in from different angles and then broadcast it on display moniters or projectors. Do any of you use something like this for displaying a presenter's work for a large group? Have you seen any setups that work well and are user friendly? Do you know of any computer programs that allow you to receive input from mulitple cameras, but give you the flexibility of choosing which feed to put on the display screens? Any suggest
  12. Show him your scrap pile and let him imagine the possibilities. I'm always amazed at what my son comes up with just playing with scrap pieces. (The most recent was a garage for his toy cars.)
  13. If you have time, watch the dumpsters at the bowling alleys and keep in contact with the managers if you go bowling. The bowling alley by me just threw the old lanes out in 8' sections--and just waved when people unloaded the dumpster into their truck.
  14. What a great discussion. I just started debating the same question for a new shop. For those of you who keep your bench in the middle of the shop, do you also have another bench of sorts along the wall? Or do you have another arrangement to keep tools close at hand without taking up bench space?