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  1. Can you elaborate on why/how you outgrew the 6"? I know the longer bed of the 8" is very appealing. I'm just not sure of the "why", when people say they outgrew the 6". Thanks
  2. If I may ask, what kind of projects are you running through your 6" jointer? I don't know that I'm going to be building anything massive, but don't want buyers remorse for buying something too small for what I might be building in the future. Thanks
  3. Ha! Didn't even look at the date. How big a dork do I feel like now!?!
  4. Where did you find it for that price?
  5. I'm in the market for a jointer and am really struggling. I have a garage workshop so space is limited. I don't currently have 220V access so I am considering a few different 6" jointers. I am considering the Ridgid JP6010, the Grizzly GO814, GO814X, GO452Z as well as the Jet JJ-6HHDX and JJ-6CSDX. Obviously the price-point of the Ridgid is very appealing, but I also want a quality machine that is going to last, without having to take out a 2nd mortgage. I've searched high and low in my area for a decent used one, but for what people are asking and considering the shape and age of what I'm f