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  1. Thank you! This pretty much confirms my plans on this setup. 6" from impeller to waste bucket. 5" main ducting to be split as needed. Exhaust to outside 5" or 6" depending on price and availability.
  2. Thanks. I swear I posted this already but don’t see it. I picked up the Wen fan blade ($35 to my door. Thank you)and the Oneida SDD which has a 6” output to the fan. Looking for opinions on necking the SDD to 5” or opening the fan intake to 6”. It seems opening it to 6” would give me more psi drop in the cyclone for better separation providing it doesn’t hinder fan performance.
  3. Matt, how big is the intake if you pull the "Y"? 5"? 6"? I picked up the SDD from Oneida yesterday and the HF DC should come in tomorrow. Trying to lay out the plumbing and wiring. It would be nice if the motor can be switched to 220V but at the price i'm guessing no. Tpt, I thought the same thing at first glance. All I can tell you is there are numerous videos of this setup running after the swap and I haven't seen one that said anything about bad rotation or poor performance.