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    Intermediate woodworker and hobbyist. Working towards teaching kids (mine included) and doing some more advanced woodworking. My Grandfather taught me what I know which gave me a good start. He passed away several years ago. I am now building out my second shop. Had to sell the first one.

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  1. I always keep a spare cartridge because you just never know when it might go off, and I don't want to be interrupted in the middle of a project for more than a few minutes. I also bypass the safeties when I am cutting something I think is too wet or a non-wood material. It seems in your case the wood should have been dry and not triggered it. I would be curious what SawStop says if you send in the cartridge.
  2. I think they will ship you a new break for free when it triggers like yours did. Did you ask? Bummer that it did it upon first startup. I installed a new 220 circuit in my shop last Summer and that is what I used. It only has one 220 piece of equipment on it at one time.
  3. I would think this is more of an issue with cheaper quality of plywood from the big box stores. I buy Baltic birth from a hardwood warehouse that is much higher grade. Ironically, it doesn't cost much more than the big box construction grade plywood. For outdoor projects use a hand circular saw for the cuts. Probably the only wood I would put through my table saw from a big box store are 2xSomething to square them, and YES staples must be looked for. Anyway, my two cents. Let's see what I say after years of using my SS. So far I'm happy.
  4. I cut a lot of Baltic birth plywood. Have not had a problem so far, but only had a month. I'll definitely post here when/if it goes off. Remember, if it goes off and it is not your fault then contact SS. They will ship you a new one and want to see the one that went off. I keep a spare cartridge just in case. Don't want to wait for shipment or run to the store. On the other hand, might have to run to the store anyway to get a new blade depending on how it went off. Happy sawing to everyone.
  5. Why do you have hinges on the outside edge of the outfeed table? BTW, great build. Wish I had the room in my shop for something like that.
  6. I took a look at this person's design with a DC before I did my table. I just didn't want to mess with it and I think it looks ugly. Maybe I will regret it in future years, but I don't think so. If the table saw is not being used with the outfeed table it means it is up against the wall and I'm cutting small pieces. Much less dust. The table actually blocks the dust from going all over the flow so it piles up nicely and I can quickly vac it up.
  7. At this moment I don't have a DC system. I clean up with a shop vac. I don't have room in my shop for DC. I might have room in the attic above the shop but that will likely be a 2022 project. I'm still building out the shop (4 equipment benches, 1 workbench, 2 cabinets, 2-3 clamp holders, outfeed table, 41 drawers, 6-8 cabinet doors, etc.). Most of that is done, but still need to put drawer faces and handles on. Waiting until the weather gets warmer so I can coat. Here is the outfeed table assembled. My wife "tested the weight capacity". I don't dare put my weight on it. I'm 260 and dropping. She is 125. I have included a picture of the space behind the outfeed table. I suppose I could put a spacer block and run a DC hose to it when/if the time comes to do that. The goal was to do an outfeed table that fit on top of the wheels for the table saw when stored. This does. I'm happy.
  8. The outfeed table is mostly done. I need the legs, but waiting on a part from Amazon which is delayed due to the weekend ice/snow storm. Hopefully today it will arrive. Had to share some pictures. Had spare lumber sitting around so total cost is around $80 for parts. Maple edges and Baltic birth plywood for table top. Used pocket screws to attach the table top to the frame. I'll coat it with polysomething in the Spring when the temp rises.
  9. I just bought a PCS 3 and have cut some wood through it just fine. Not a lot but will be hitting some big projects soon. I keep a spare cartridge in stock just in case. Luckily, SawStop is a local company and I can run the cartridge over. Yes, the policy is written into the manual that they will take cartridges back. The spacing on the break says to be 1/16 to 1/8. I pushed mine closer to the 1/8 mark. The farther away it is the longer it takes to come to a stop. It is just a guess that the blade is just too close. Metal push sticks. Page 30 of the manual.
  10. PacificGuy


    I just became familiar with her website. Impressed with her stuff. I did not know she was in woodworking TV shows. I will be borrowing her design for a SawStop outfeed table.
  11. Portland, Oregon area woodworker. Building my shop out at the moment. Live 20 minutes west of Portland.
  12. After googling "SawStop outfeed table" I saw some other designs. I now agree with you. I am no longer thinking the frame is a good idea. Great for plywood ripping. However, a) I will not want small parts to fall through. b) I will want to use as a light assembly bench. I'm leaning towards a slightly modified version of this one:
  13. Does anyone have plans to build a wood version? I saw the negative reviews of using this with the industrial base, which I have, and I agree that I want it to fold down above the wheels. I'm about to build my own but thought I would ask if others have tried building one. I do like their design and that it folds down and out of the way easily. I also saw somewhere online where somebody had modified it by shortening the center 6 metal tubes. I figure for $350, I can build something that is wider and does what I want without modifying their desire. Thank you.
  14. I have been eyeing the bow sander that has been on sale. Maybe I'll try that first before building or buying a 1" machine sander. This is impressive. I'll save the design for later use. Thank you for sharing.
  15. I had not thought of the three-wheel design but that might be what I'm looking for. I am looking to sand smaller parts with a smaller flexible machine sander. Thank you for the advice. The more I look at the 6" sander I'm realizing it will not do what I need. It is great for other things, and I might get one.