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  1. Yes, I am talking about the pure stuff, or at least to 90% pure, not the varnish blends. I know that the tung oil takes longer to cure at normal temperature, and planning to thin the first few coats with mineral spirits anyways. Just wanted to make sure I won't have to wait a weeks between coats! What about oiling before gluing? Good idea or not?
  2. Also, the main reason I'm building this is that I can't find any reasonable consoles an acceptable depth to accommodate old school stereo receivers. Most new consoles have an outside depth of only 17 in, which is the depth of my Marantz 2252b itself, if you include the AM antenna in back. I also have a pair of walnut veneer Marantz Imperial 6 speakers that will give the console an extended, linear look when lined up together.
  3. So, resurrecting an old thread . . . I am planning on building a new stereo console cabinet out of walnut veneer plywood. I am going for the midcentury feel and a minimalist approach to looks, materials and cost. The overall dimensions of the box are 72L x 25H x 24D and I plan on using exactly 2 sheets of 3/4 ply for the box, 2 vertical separators and shelves, with a 2 in full floating top and 3 in industrial casters. One 1/4 in ply will be used for 4 sliding doors on 2 tracks, the back, and a record rack section. I don't have a table saw so I will have the lumber yard make the major, im