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  1. I finally got a picture. As you can see, some areas look just as it did before oiling so probably the glue in these places. In others, the oil has taken, resulting in overall blotch city!!! Is there anything at all I can put over top to get a uniform natural or gloss finish, before resorting to paint? If paint is the best way forward, I might try a 2 parts water 1 part paint white wash and see if that still gives me some woodgrain effect.
  2. Hi, I think my upcycled ply kitchen doors, with pine veneer, were previously waxed or something as I sanded at 100grit carefully so as not to go through the veneer, and then applied a thin coat of Danish oil and wiped off excess x2 but there are many places that will not absorb the oil. I'm concerned to sand more as the veneer is so thin. I'm happy to paint over with some kind of colour-tinted transparent finish, or very lightl stain them white if possible whilst keeping the grain visible. Any ideas to prevent the blotching or for suitable finishes, I'd be most grateful, thank you!