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  1. Ah yea thats from the guy who cut it. Chainsaw marks. Does the Alaskan mill. took awhile to get that flat
  2. Hey guys! Haven't really been around the forum too much lately, last time i posted was my first project bench. Decided to go a different way with this desk. There is just something about creating something smooth out of rough, was super fun to do. Anyway id love some input or on things i could have done better. Its Black Walnut wood i got from a Arborist in the area, he cuts and drys wood, pretty good supply and not expensive at all. The epoxy got a little out of hand because of the table i was doing it on. If your not perfectly level itll run pretty bad. Thankfully no leaks tho. Used legs i got on amazon because i don't think i have it in me yet to make my own. Or maybe just no confidence to do it/ try it. Sanded everything down from 60grit to 400 grit. Then finished up with Rubio Monocoat. Very easy finish to put on and pretty strong. Just a little expensive for what you get. Turned out beautiful to my eyes. Id love to hear your input. This was done for my mother, who is working from home since covid started. She loves it and hasn't had any problems. Good or bad id love to hear it. Thanks for your time in advance!!! <>Mike
  3. Haha i think beefy legs are the way to go for things. I think coffee table might have to be it. There really aren't other uses for it unless im willing to cut it.
  4. Okay! I dont know if this is the right thread for this, but im going to go with it. So after my disaster of a first project with the bench with framing wood/ soft. :) i found a guy in town who sells all hardwoods. Mills it and works with farmers and loggers. Supposedly hes kind of the guy in town i guess. He has a crack-load of stacks of wood drying out, and a kiln, so hes always turning out dry wood. Anyway off topic, I went over there and found a piece that caught my eye. Now at first i was thinking about doing a river epoxy table with it. I don't know if that's frowned upon here haha. But I love the look of it so much i don't want to cut it. Id rather make a base for a bench or coffee table with it. Something that has a more natural look. Its a piece of walnut 2" thick around 10-14"x 49" . Anyway any ideas would be appreciated. I'm sure someone has seen a project before that could create a spark. Thanks for your time.
  5. Is this the one your talking about?
  6. Thank you everyone for your input and Acceptance! Never thought i would get so much feedback and help so fast.. Its really appreciated. Ive decided to forgo the strenuous project of trying to fix it and try something else. I still love the piece and going to keep it as a remembrance. Ive seen alot of videos on youtube today on advice from @drzaius. Going to try some finger joints on the table saw or my router. Havent decided which yet but excited to try. Also make some jigs to make my life easier for repeat pieces. I just love the look of it, you can tell thats craftsmanship when it fits so perfect. im also going to glue up some scrap and practice trying to fix it with epoxy or wood fillers to learn from the experience.. Im really excited for the next one and looking forward to sharing it here. Again thank you so much for your help!!!!
  7. So i made this bench for my first project into woodworking. While i was gluing up the boards just weren't flat. i was sure when i screw them down they would suck in. But they didnt. so now i have a bunch of gaps between 2" and 1" boards. Now when i was all sanded i said this wont look bad. I'm sure after i stain it wont be noticed. Now as you can see i have 3 coats of poly on it. My question is. Between the boards there is nothing i can see through it. Can i use epoxy to fill those gaps maybe just to below the surface line. just tape off underneath and use a dark epoxy on it. other than these spots i love the bench and put alot of time into it. Thanks for any input you have.