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  1. Mark J... we used 20-30 minutes of 320 orbital followed by 15 minutes of 320 hand block. This issue started after the 3rd coat.
  2. Thank you all! We will try to sand a bit more as suggested but will also keep in mind that it's simply the grain. This is our first ever woodworking project so every photo we looked at from Waterlox showed a complete glassy and smooth finish. We've been trying to "fix" something that is likely not broken. And we steered away from the epoxy fad because we previously did not want the plastic look. Thanks again!! Glad I found this forum.
  3. Oh, I thought I did! I'll try again...
  4. We're hoping you can help. We are putting in walnut counters in the kitchen and have read every page of the Waterlox site for help and problem solving. We're still stumped as to why we are getting this strange pitting, or waves in the finish. This is after four (4) coats of Original Sealer/Finish. We were hoping to see it smooth out by now. We really have done everything right from the beginning!