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    Just starting out, but aspiring to make nice furniture for the house. Also fun small projects for my wife and my daughters.

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  1. Thanks everyone! Worked like a charm. Although I did get a bit nervous about how far I had to extend the bit out of the collet, as wtnhighlander mentioned. Is there a rule of thumb for how far out it should extend?
  2. Hey everyone. I’m wondering if I can use a 1/2” long flush trim bit on a 2” thick workpiece. It seems that the bearing could ride along my template and trim the top 1/2” of the workpiece, and then I could lower the bit in my router table and have the bearing use the freshly trimmed workpiece as a guide for the bearing. It seems like I should be able to flush trim the entire workpiece this way, in multiple passes. Is this recommended, or is there a reason that I shouldn’t do it this way? I’m pretty new to woodworking and I don’t have a lot of money, so I’m really trying to avoid buying a longer