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  1. Whenever my wife and I finish a project and have some "extra" parts left over that will eventually be needed due to wear or replacement parts such as a faucet filter that will need replacement in time, etc, we say to each other, "Let's be sure to put these in a safe, obvious place that we'll be sure to remember when we need them." We've never been able to find any of those things. Ever again. I think they go into the alternate universe. Like my memory. Rich
  2. I agree with the posts recommending eliminating the dovetails and adding overhang on the side of the table currently flush with the base. Why are you re-inventing the wheel? There are literally thousands of designs of excellent, sturdy bench construction to emulate consisting of mortise and tenon joinery. The dovetails in your design are essentially lapped joints, lacking the strength of the enclosing side and extra gluing surface of mortise and tenons. The purpose of dovetail construction is to resist joint movement against the angle of the tail such as used between drawer fronts/b
  3. I lived in Prescott from 2005 to 2007. Moving from the Pacific Northwest to Prescott will be a huge contrast in climate/culture. (But that's ok, I moved from Hawaii to Prescott to Florida!) First, get used to saying "Preskitt," not "Prescott." Every time you say it wrong a "local" will correct you! But after a while you'll convert and start correcting other newcomers. Unless you have the remarkable good luck to arrive after a rare spring storm, and the desert wildflowers are blooming (which is absolutely gorgeous) the 100 mile drive from Phoenix, 5000 ft in elevation up to Prescott i
  4. Nice. When you're proud of your work art, show it! Otherwise it's just work. Rich
  5. Thanks. I don't have any images of the jig. It's essentially a dedicated/modified Moxxon type of apparatus made specifically for the large sizes of the sides and top. I'm going to do another table. I have a request for it in white oak which I really like to work with. I'll fully document that effort. So many people are intimidated by dovetails. They are just a straight forward exercise of making a line and cutting to the line. They really don't require any special talent. None. I hope I can show that it can be done without any stress. It's really a relaxing process. Very sa
  6. Well, Got a can of Minwax "Tung Oil Finish." Like almost every other similarly-named finishing product there is no way to know if there is any tung oil actually in this stuff. Every finish manufacturer over the last 100 years or so has used the words "Tung Oil Finish" to mean some wipe-on formula that leaves a "close-to-the-wood" finish. They are shameless about selling a soup labeled as Tung oil when there may be none at all in the mix. Most, if not all of these mystery finishes have Linseed oil as the drying oil. Some also have a varnish. Some do have some tung oil in addition
  7. Thanks. I'll give it a try. Rich
  8. Hi Mick. Get that 2nd shot! BTW, the 1st one causes almost no side effects. I, and everyone I know experienced significant symptoms after the 2nd - body pain, fatigue, malaise. It started about 8 hours after the shot, lasted about 16 hours then suddenly was completely gone. No way I could have worked the day after the 2nd shot, but while I still felt bad at 3pm that day, at 4pm and after, it was like it had never happened. The finish on this piece is MinWax Wipe on Poly. I usually spray lacquer or shellac. I never use dye or stain and don't want the finish to darken light woods.
  9. Thanks, everyone for the welcome and kind words. Rich
  10. Hi Derek, Nice write-up about a great feature to have incorporated into your K3 Winner chassis. I have the same machine in the B3 Winner configuration which is a combination of the sliding table saw and a spindle moulder/shaper with its own 4hp motor. I have a 72" slider which is really nice in handling longer boards. Being able to use the sliding table in conjunction with the shaper is great. Having the combination machine is a great space saver (while I do have room for the longer slider, I otherwise have extremely limited space). It would be fantastic to have separate machine
  11. Hello, everyone. I'd like to introduce myself. I'm an amateur furniture maker/designer. I live in Oceanside, CA, about 35 miles north of San Diego. I haven't been able to do much in the last year due to Covid-19 isolation issues (age and underlying medical issues), so I haven't had any opportunity to buy supplies. But I've just received my 2nd vaccination, so I hope life will be returning to some normalcy. I've included some images of my last project, a dining room side table of 8/4 Ash. The large dovetails were interesting to make and required construction of a hefty jig to hold the (hea