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  1. I think it might be mexican ebony. https://www.earlywooddesigns.com/pages/katalox-properties-info-uses#:~:text=Typically very dark black with,as hard as wood gets. See what you think.
  2. Hi everyone I love the site and have been reading posts for over an hour. You're all very inspirational. Just a little about myself - I'm a 60+ female that has always been interested in woodworking, art, crafts etc. as hobbies when time allowed. Now I've decided to retire and can devote more time to my hobbies which are my real passion. Taking some woodworking classes to learn "the right way" to build furniture as well as the proper use and maintenance of my tools. I've been married for almost 37 years, 2 kids (girl and a boy) in their mid 30's and a proud grandma of 1 little girl that's