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  1. Thank you for the reply. A Rockler store is near by and many options are available for me to get. The dewaxed shellac was used as a base sealer. I will finish it off with general finishes enduro. Before I finish the piece I want to color the edge. Just not sure of a color choice. I am thinking the edge maybe white oak or ash. I bought some general finishes dye, brown, red, and orange. Will try to do a mixer to get the right color.
  2. If I were to not stain the top, if any of you can give me an idea on how to deal the edge. It seems to be a softer wood. I probably like to go darker than the top. Since the top has a redish hue to brown, how should I go about the edge for the color?
  3. Maybe not blotching is not the correct word but as you can see after wetting the table, there are darker and lighter areas. I am thinking maybe a solar bleach has happened to this table at one time or the other. There is no finish on the table anymore. Its just wet to see the highlights. I did try unwaxed shellac but all it did it enhance the unevenness of the color. Maybe that is the character of the table. I don't know. Stick with that look or do something different? As for the edging the table, I would like that to blend or darken it. I am not sure what direction to go with that. Either a d
  4. I want to pick someone's brain here that has experience in dyes, stains, shellac, and finishes. The table below has an issue that needs to be corrected. I've wet it down to show a little more detail that shows the blotchiness. I would like the edge to match or closely match the top of the table. Far as I know this is a walnut. What direction would you take? One suggestion I did follow is a unwaxed shellac with denatured alcohol 50/50, sand 220, 75/25, sand 220, then 100%. Well that did not turn out well. Removed the shellac and willing to try a dye stain first but the color. How or what shoul