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  1. many thanks -- that was where i was pointed when i found out that formbys had been acquired by minwax (aside: the customer service rep i spoke with at minwax said they have no plans to reissue the formbys recipe as a minwax product -- they are retiring it) -- i tried the minwax tung oil and had issues -- in the past with formbys on tabletops, desktops followed by a coat or two of johnsons paste wax -- never had a problem with water/moisture stains -- but after using the minwax on a couple of standing dog feeders i made --i had to re-finish the top of one after 2 weeks due to the water stains
  2. couple of years ago -- used "GF gel topcoat wipe on urethane satin" over unfinished walnut and was not only pleased with the results but it seemed pretty idiot proof to apply which is important to me as finishing is my weakest set of skills -- gravitated away from that GF product to formbys tung oil finish which is no longer available -- can't seem to find that exact GF product now -- closest i can get is 'GF oil based gel topcoat satin' -- are these the same product ? both appear to be oil based topcoats with urethane -- just changed the name and the color of the can ?? it is impossible to ta