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  1. Thank you for the advice guys! I think i might suggest urethane base in a color close to factory stain and glaze java gel stain over top like this one. minus the orange peel lolhis.
  2. all of them have been either sanded or stained dark
  3. I have a customer that called me to help with fixing her cabinets. She hired a guy to darken the look of her kitchen cabinets. She is using General Finishes Java gel stain. She quickly found out that the guy didnt know what he was doing and left the job leaving the mess for her to deal with. He over sanded on most of the doors causing her to have another problem. She tried to do it herself and quickly learned she couldnt and the java is way to dark and looks like paint. It has not been top coated yet so was wondering what to do to remove the java gel stain without removing the mohogany cherry original finish? Not sure if the wood is maple, birch or oak. Attatched are as follows: 1. original finish 2. bad sand job 3. java gel stain too dark (needs removed) 4. homeowners attempt at removing java with green scratch pad, rag and mineral spirits PLEASE HELP!!!!!