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  1. Well, the final version, after incorporating the suggestions from the well meaning gentlemen, would now look like this. There is a short overhang on one side for clamping purposes. The vice would on the flush side. All the joinery is through mortice and tenon. All would be through tenons. Yet to decide regarding draw boring or wedging/pinning the tenons. A final word on validation of this design would be highly welcome. In the meantime let me build up confidence for cutting 16 accurate pairs of deep mortice and tenons with hand tools. My sincere thanks to all the experts who have spared time to look into the subject.
  2. Keeping in mind the considered opinions offered by experts, I have remodelled the joinery as per the attached image. The bench top would rest on the short aprons through a micro angled dovetail ( more of a dado actually ). I hope this frame would now be strong and rigid. The overhang on one side is for mounting the vice. But for this, the top and the frame are flush. I thank all the masters for their advice. I would request a final opinion on this design.
  3. I am preparing to build a workbench. I have only 3 x 4 lumber and mostly hand tools. I have made one design for a 3 way corner joint as seen in the attached image. I have some doubts whether the frame would be of necessary strength and rigidity. I wish to know if 2 dovetails actually weaken the workbench leg. If it is OK, I propose to add corner blocks (of solid wood) and also dovetailed corner pieces to further strengthen the frame and supplement its rigidity. If it does not work, I would like to know alternatives. Mortice and tenon is ruled out since with only bench chisels ( no mortice chisel), mallet and handsaw, I am not confident of cutting deep mortices accurate and square. I solicit views from kind experts on the subject. Thanks in advance.