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    I'm a newbie so don't have much to offer. I want to use my table saw and router to make some drawers and a table.

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  1. Good information, thanks! I am learning a lot.
  2. Do you have any photos of these wedges and where they are? What's a grade 5 bolt? Thanks
  3. Thanks guys, this is the most information yet. I did see the one YouTube video and it was helpful but I couldn't see the adjustments as they were being done.
  4. I should have been more specific. The P.A.L.S. is Precision Alignment & Locking System by in-line industries. It helps aligning the rear trunnions on the saw and is supposed to be a lot easier that the original blade alignment on the saw. I am getting kickback and was having to beat the hell out of the trunnion (rubber mallet and piece of hard wood) to get it close. This system is supposed to make the process a lot easier and faster. I got the blade to 90 degrees and I think the fence is parallel but think I need to shim it a tad. I am buying a Forest blade soon and possibly a smaller stiffening plate for my lesser blades. I'm an amateur but want to get better over time with experience, you guys, and YouTube. Thanks
  5. I have a Ridgid 2424-1 table saw. When you are adjusting the PALS, are you tightening the hex screws with an allen wrench, that are on the side or the 3/8 inch nuts that hold the trunnion? That part is confusing. Thanks
  6. Do I need to loosen both front and rear trunion when hitting it with a mallet?
  7. Thanks, I will try tapping the trunion with a rubber mallet.
  8. What do you mean trunion screw adjustment wheels? I was able to loosen the six trunion bolts but the micro adjustment is dictated by the tiny hex screws.
  9. I have a Ridgid model 2424-1.. I’m having a difficult time and I just can’t seem to get the blade aligned to the mitre slot. It is .0029 out of alignment at the front of the blade,which is causing kickback. I used the same tooth for my measurements. I followed the Ridgid manual but the micro-adjustment with the tiny allen screws does not seem to be doing much and I’m running out of screw. I read in one of the only posts out there that the PALS micro adjusters won’t work with a 2424-1 model. I realize the fence must also be aligned to the mitre slot but will worry about that later. I can fix that. Any help would be really appreciated I’m putting some pictures in here show you and I’m also there’s one photo that shows you the wrench setup that I used to get to the the funky trunnions. Thank you very much I appreciate any help you can give me you can email me if you can do whatever way works for you to get back to me but thank you for helping. It would be nice to see something from Ridgid, but I guess the saw is too old.
  10. So, I see that Freud and Oshlun are both good. What do you think for the Ridgid that is a 1.5 HP? I suspect that more teeth create a better dado cut. Question is: will that impact the performance? I mean a six inch verses an 8 inch stack. I don't plan on going deeper than 1 inch. Thanks
  11. MrMayor

    Chop saw

    It is not the bevel, but the side to side. I just watched a video where they replaced the travel ring under the motor mechanism. Probably what I will do as it seems pretty easy to do. Thoughts?
  12. MrMayor

    Chop saw

    I have a Dewalt 12" chop saw that sticks when moving it to one of the 45 degree angles. Thoughts on how to make it move smoothly? Any videos you recommend?
  13. Excellent point! At first I was thinking 1/2 inch for the weight factor but you made me realize that I do want to add some T-track which requires a 3/8 inch depth. Glad I asked before I bought the plywood. Thanks.
  14. Should I use plastic 3/4 x 3/8 UHMW bars or aluminum ones for the bottom of the sled I want to make? Also, should I use 1/2 or 3/4 inch smooth plywood for the base? Thanks
  15. Thank you for the information. I looked at the Whiteside site and may buy a bit or two. Expensive and perfect if it is a tool of the trade. For me, well, I'm an amateur. Is there a 'universal' size for a rabbet bit? I've seen some with multiple bearings. Should I stay away from those? I have a Dewalt plunge router.