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  1. I am upgrading my dust collection piping to 6”. Since it is just me, only one machine at a time will be running. From the 6” branch line, I will be putting drops to various machines, terminating in a 4” flexible hose. The question is, do I continue the 6” down to the 4” flexible hose or do I reduce down to 4” at the top of the drop, right off the 6” branch? I would first use 4“ piping on the drop until the 4” flexible hose. Or should I first reduce to 5” at the start of the drop terminating with the 4” flexible hose? I have a 32 year old 2 hp dc with 12.75” impeller. Thank you.
  2. Fireninja You cut the inlet hole to 6”. Did you use the 5” SDD or the 6” SDD XL? What about the outlet hole from your DC to the cyclone? Did you modify that to 6”? I would like to use the 6” SDD XL... Thanks