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  1. I totally agree! When I am working on my finished parts I usually throw a piece of butcher paper over them and so far that has prevented them from getting darker. These parts still have a few final passes through the planner so I was not too worried about them at this point.
  2. Just thought this was an interesting picture. Had some cherry sitting on my bench waiting for the temp to drop a little so I can get back in my shop. It was only exposed to the lights in the garage and the color change is quite dramatic over about four months.
  3. I do not know about y’all but this heat has been killing my shop time, motivation, and forward progress!!! My garage has been hitting 92 by mid morning and topping out around 98 in t the afternoons. Not optimal conditions for woodworking for me at least. Do you guys just push through the heat or take a little shop downtime like me in the summer if you can? I would much rather work in the cold when I can throw a jacket on or turn the heater on in the garage.
  4. Had the afternoon off and thought I would stop by the local hardwood dealer to see if they had anything good on sale. Picked up a random board or two…
  5. Yes I agree! Sometimes I think I just like the planning and thinking involved for a new project. It does not seem to be as fun when it starts to turn into actual work ;-). To your point it is worth the pain to push through and get to the fun at the finish.
  6. Ok so made some progress over the last few nights. The Planer is crying and the trash can is getting full ;-). I also remembered why it’s important to cut out my rough lumber with a jig saw or similar as some of the boards were under a little tension and they released it when I was cutting them. No issues but I could see how that could cause a disaster on the table saw. For some reason the wood pile always seems to grown as I get it all cut out and start the milling process. Hope to be through the bulk of the milling this weekend and then can start working on the final milling for one of the projects.
  7. That’s good to hear! I figured it would be a good addition and good place to start. Wanted to make sure it would get some good use before I invested in a lift or solid table.
  8. I have been using an old ketchup squeeze bottle and it has worked awesome. The glue sometimes hardens in the little gasket but you can just gently pull it out and if keeps going.
  9. I found an old Roybi table and fence that needed a new home in the neighborhood and going to give that a whirl to see if I can incorporate a router table into my work flow. I am just going to instal my DeWalt router for now and see how it goes.
  10. Other than the optics associated with the initial color / how it takes stain / how it will age; are there any physical issue with using the sapwood that should prevent it from being used in the project? I read it can have a higher moisture content than the heartwood, but this wood is from a commercial shop that was dried and I checked it with my meter and looks good to use from a moisture perspective. I was just not sure if there was anything else to be aware when using.
  11. I know it’s a little hard to tell from the photo but can sapwood run the entire width of a board? I was digging through a pile of cherry that someone gave me and there were three boards that looked like this. I was not sure if this was just a really light colored cherry or if it was all sapwood. Either way it will work as was just using on some parts that are not going to be seen
  12. Been a while since I did a project journal and thought I would do one to capture my next two projects. Going to try and make the outdoor sitting bench from TWW site and the bit storage cabinet from TWW site. I decided to do both at once as when I get everything out to mill the lumber, cut parts, and make the joints, it seems easier and faster to do more than one thing at a time to save time on setting up the tools. I can use both of these projects around the house and thought they looked like some good skill builders that were not overly complex. Sounds like a double win to me. Going to do the benches in cypress and maybe the cabinet in cherry as I have some off-cuts around that will work perfectly.
  13. Does anyone have any rules of thumb on when you should turn the blade inserts on a helical head for a DW 735? I have not really kept track of how much I have ran through and still seems to cut fine but maybe I am playing with fire. Any other general maintenance folks do to keep it running in top shape. Really have only had to clean it and replace the belt once so far.
  14. Spent most of the weekend catching up on yard work that I had been putting off. The weather was hot but the wind had finally stopped blowing for one weekend and was able to have the fire pit rolling all weekend. Finished up my first crack at a jointers mallet and got the first coat of Danish oil applied. Not sure I 100% like the shape and need to work on my shaping skills but overall I am pleased for my first one. It was hard to find any plans or dimensions for a mallet if anyone has a good resource or two for a future build.