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  1. I have been eyeballing the chainsaw mill but have not been able to pull the trigger yet. We hade an elm tree fall this spring so I figured what can I lose and I just free hand cut some of the logs and got a nice stack of some wood to dry. Just hoping I have enough that makes it so I can make a small box or something. Just feels cool to be able to make something from a tree that was in my yard.
  2. Have you been able to run any boards through the upgraded machine yet! I got one for my DeWalt sometime ago and it made a huge difference in the noise level, quality of cut, and ease at changing blades. Best part in my opinion is you also don’t have to worry about setting and aligning the knife height like you do on the fixed blade. I feel your pain on the install! There were lots of videos luckily for the DeWalt but it was still a bear to walk through all of the steps. Happy Milling!
  3. The power twist belts are a little pricey but they are well worth the money when you need to replace your belt next time. I bought mine from grizzly as that’s been one of the better places I can find them. I put the belt on my jointer and it made a pretty large difference in noise and vibrations. Also another plus is you do not have to unbolt and reset the motor when you replace them or need to adjust them. They are a little different to install but there are some good videos and instructions out there. https://www.fennerdrives.com/powertwist-drive/_/PowerTwist-Drive-A/13/4L/
  4. Are these casters that go under the legs or attach to the side of the legs? I have been looking for some that attach to the side but have not found any ones that look like they will last.
  5. Thanks for all of the thoughts and suggestions. I love all of the great information and help I can find from the folks on this site!!!
  6. Is the flat top blade you use similar to what I have seen people call a box joint blade? I am assuming you use this on the shoulder so you get a nice crisp cut and top and don’t get that little notch from an ATB blade. I used this link to help me learn about blades and it has really helped me pick the right ones! https://www.woodcraft.com/blog_entries/choosing-the-right-table-saw-blades
  7. So I am still learning how to do M & T joints and was wondering what folks thought about the different methods and if they had any suggestions for while I am still learning how to make good joints Mortise 1. Domino (know this is not traditional but thought would throw on) 2. Router table 3. Forstner bit in drill press and clean up with chisel 4. Chisel only 5. Other Tennon 1. Domino 2. Tennon jig on table saw 3. dado stack on table saw 4. hand saw and plane 5. other? Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.
  8. I did not even think of that! Do you just drill a starter hole of the same diameter in some scrap, square it up with the piece and use that as a guide to get the drill bit straight?
  9. Anyone have thoughts on if a drill press is worth the floor space? I have an old 2000’s era King drill press that has twice been handed down. I do not use it a ton, but when I do it is nice to have but it has a super small travel distance and not much power. Not sure but maybe two to three inches of drilling depth and maybe 17” swing. I did not want to spend a ton a of money as I would rather upgrade the planer or jointer but was not sure if getting a grizzly would add some features like better quality, better table, depth stop, greater depth. Just wondering to see if you have any thoughts or suggestions. Planer and jointer upgrades are out for now as that means more floor space and the wife will not allow that today I imagine. Especially as I just got told I cannot buy or bring hone one more piece of wood until I get some out of the garage.
  10. Looking to get a few more bench chisels and mortise chisels. Any suggestions on brand? Also is there anything that makes a Japanese chisel that different from another brand. I know there are probably no right or wrong answers and was just looking for some thoughts. thanks!
  11. It’s been a while but I think you put in the size of your sheet stock; your blade kerf; and the the size and quantity of all your different parts. The program then lays them all out on the sheets to optimize the yield and minimize waste.
  12. The ones I have seen are more for cutting up plywood and optimizing for the least amount of waste.
  13. In my opinion, yes it is to help layout parts in sheet goods to minimize waste and where all of your starting sheets are they same size. Some programs allow you to layout in rough cut lumber with various dimensions of the starting board, but I found by the time you put in all of the different sizes of your rough lumber you could have cut it all out and not saved much extra by letting the program optimize the cuts.
  14. I used to use cut list plus but it cost about $80 for the basic version which should be good for the average woodworker. I have not done a lot of projects recently with sheet goods so I am not sure if it is still one of the top programs or if there is something comparable to how it used to perform.
  15. Yes I used the jointer on the surface, then jointer on one edge referenced off that face, and then through the planer. To be honest the boards were pretty heavy and I only have a small grizzly six inch jointer so there is a high probability I did not get them quite right to start off the jointer. I have had ok success when I have jointed and planed smaller lumber for the kitchen helper and other size projects, but I have never tried something of this size with my machines. I dream about getting a little larger jointer someday but it is down on the list at this point.