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  1. Spent most of the weekend catching up on yard work that I had been putting off. The weather was hot but the wind had finally stopped blowing for one weekend and was able to have the fire pit rolling all weekend. Finished up my first crack at a jointers mallet and got the first coat of Danish oil applied. Not sure I 100% like the shape and need to work on my shaping skills but overall I am pleased for my first one. It was hard to find any plans or dimensions for a mallet if anyone has a good resource or two for a future build.
  2. Are you going to mill the log into boards? Do you have a chainsaw mill or another way to cut down the logs?
  3. I have use the brusso hardware stop hinges. Not sure if that is what you are looking for but they worked well on my little memento boxes other than they are a little pricey.
  4. Did you just put the box together and move free hand on the table letting the bearing on the bit guide you to cut the slot? I have been looking at a router table and this operation plus how you put that profile on the lids both look like they can go on the pros side of getting the table for My router.
  5. @Robby W is evap-O-rust a product you buy to help remove rust? I got some tools from my uncle and if I remember I just used a green cleaning pad with some mineral spirits to remove the rust, but wondering if this product might work better.
  6. Thanks for all of the tips. It is a ways out before I will get the table but I will let you know how it goes.
  7. Here where I can get hardwood lumber it is usually always cheaper to get it in the rough but I can pay the mill to surface and straight line rip if needed. The only time I have done that is when I was buying the 8/4 hard maple for the workbench build and had them skip plane it done and add an edge so it was easier for me to work the long boards. I guess I am kind of a nerd and for me I enjoy the milling process. There is something about taking the rough and old looking piece of wood and opening up the beautiful wood and grain inside. Although I am a hobby woodworker so I can understand if you have lots of wood or are making something for your business you might not have the extra time it can take to mill all of the parts. Also I end up buying extra to deal with the issues that arise when milling and to have spare parts if something goes wrong in the build. That could add up quick if you are buying lots of B.F but in my case it is usually a very small cost.
  8. I have been working on these little memory boxes and finally getting close to being done with them! Today I finally put on the hinges and added the top to the box. I put the hand cut dovetails on pause and used one of the old templates my uncle gave me a long time ago. It is amazing how many different skills a little box takes and it had a lot of firsts for me…this is the first box I have made and it was a ton of fun. First time for: making a box; dovetails on a box; installing hinges; and probably a lot more I am not thinking about. The box is made out of cherry, the first photo is raw and the second two are with the first coat of Danish oil. A few more coats and it will be all done. I ended up trying out the liquid hide glue on the box and I am a huge fan. Super easy cleanup and the glue does not show on the end grain like PVA glue can show if you miss some in the final sanding. @Chestnut thanks for the tip on the boxes; I have a Horizontal belt sander and I ended up hitting the top and bottom of the box for like a second and that worked perfectly to smooth out all of the edges. It took the “rock” out of the box and removed that little gap that I got when I put the bottom on the chisel box that I made in parallel with these boxes. Thanks to everyone else and all the little tips along the way as I could never have gotten this far without a little help and guidance.
  9. I don’t know! I have a DeWalt 618 but it is only 2-1/4 hP. I am still torn if I will use the router table that much, but I am guessing once it is setup and easily accessible I will find some more uses for the table. I have been watching some videos to learn what people are using their tables for and have learned a few things. Are there some things on the route table that you need the extra horse power? Anything you do the most on the router table or since it is so versatile is it just a lot of different little things?
  10. @curlyoak I have been kicking around getting a router table and I found this old thread. I was actually looking at the same two router table tops / fences / lifts and was wondering if you had any additional feedback now after the build? I was also considering building the stand vs just getting the metal stand that comes with the tops. I was just a little concerned with attaching the top to the wooden stand and was wondering how easy it was to attach the top once the cabinet was built.
  11. Did you use two routers so you had one for the tails and one for the pins so you could do them faster or was there other advantages in making the joints more accurate? I thought if I read the technical info correct they did not recommend using different routers due to concentricity problems that can happen if the two routers have different bit to guidebush offsets or is this overcome by using the same brand router?
  12. Any good places to order them from? Or what to look for when you order them?
  13. I think the one in the bottom left of the picture is for holding the tool or file to sharpen a planer knife or card scraper. I was looking at getting one awhile ago. https://www.craftsmanstudio.com/Veritas-JointerEdger_p_251.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI15Ki-9Gy9wIVAHFvBB3P9ADfEAQYASABEgLex_D_BwE
  14. Do you mean an oscillating drum sander? I only have an old belt and disc sander but not a drum. How do you shape the bottom to the side with the drum sander?
  15. For this build it was just pretty basic; and the box just sits on the base. I am guessing in design of a box this is why sometimes the bottom fits inside the box and sits inside a dado or rabbit. Would lapping the bottom on sandpaper help with that or is it being more aware to the faces and edges in fitup? In a side note over the last year I have learned woodworking is more about how you fix things than do them perfect especially with the nature of wood and how it is always moving.