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  1. I almost cannot believe it...in the real home stretch. Just need to drill the holes for the dowel safety pins; final sanding with 220; and then finish with some danish oil. Sure there were a few bumps along the way and things in the project that could be improved, but overall I am pretty happy for my first build that was not as much of a DYI style project. There is some truth in “just build something” as I think I was holding myself back by thinking it would be too hard or I would just mess up. Plus I am a firm believer in my Uncles Two Day Rule. When doing any project if you mess something
  2. For a while I had one of the smaller ones that went on a bucket and it worked ok before I upgraded my system. It seemed to work ok and would think this one should do an ok job. I totally agree with Chestnut and get some good HVAC tape and seal up as much as possible where you will not take apart. That made a huge difference in my system.
  3. Well finally got the little side project bench done! The “client” could not have been more happy so to me that’s all that mattered plus learned a few things a long the way. A few of the joints were not 100% tight, but it looks ok since was going for more of that rustic look. Gave it a few coats of Danish Oil over the milk paint for a little protection. Hopefully I can get the main project finished up in the next few days.
  4. That’s a great idea! I will have to see if I have the right sized bit and add that little recess.
  5. Getting into the home stretch! Got the parts sanded and the knock-down hardware added. Those threaded inserts where a lot harder than they looked to get them set correctly in the parts! All that’s left is adding the cleats, cutting platform to size, final sanding, and the finishing.
  6. Thanks! I am jealous of your hand tool ability and have not quite gotten their with my skills yet. When you are using a smoothing plane are you using that to get down to your final dimensions or do you use that after your parts are milled in stead of starting with a lower grit sandpaper. I have a small block plane that I am in the process of tuning up and one larger plane that I need to mess with some as well.
  7. I know this is a loaded question and totally a personal preference, but does anyone have any good suggestions on sand paper or at least what to look for in a good sandpaper. I have probably over spent on what I currently am using and was not sure if there were some key qualities to look for when shopping. I figured I might buy a few to try them out and then stick with what seems to work.
  8. Made some good progress this weekend in my projects. Got the kitchen helper all dry fitted, holes drilled for the hardware, and final measurements taken for the platform. Now time for my favorite part...sanding...not so much. ;-). Also got the final coats of milk paint on the little bench and the first coat of linseed oil on for surface protection. I was not sure how I would like the milk paint, but it was awesome for the kids to use. It did not get thick like paint can and if they got some globs or drips, it was easy to chip off with my fingernail or sand a little extra in that spot and it t
  9. It’s not done yet, but today I was able to get the small side project I was talked into doing with the kitchen helper assembled. It is a small bench one of the kids talked me into that they found plans for in an old book we had. They helped with the layout and sanding of the parts and are going to paint it with some milk paint to finish it off.
  10. Thanks for sharing that link it was really helpful! I went back and looked at my cuts and it was a little of both; some from the set of the teeth and some from how I was making the cuts. The link had some good info and I will give that a try.
  11. So I had a quick question on using the band saw that came out of cutting the curves on my top and bottom rails and the taper legs on my kitchen helper build. When I made the cut on the bandsaw it left little peaks and valleys along the cut and this was definitely more pronounced on the curves. It was really no big issue either way as I ran the taper through the jointer and it smoothed it right out and the curves took a little more work with a flexible sanding strip. I was just not sure if this was typical on the band saw or due to my technique when using the saw as I am still learning on the m
  12. Thanks! I am going to have some scrap left over once I can get this project done and I was wanting to try and make just a simple box. No real sizes in mind and did not want to make any complicated joints if possible for the first adventure with box making. Any suggestions on a good place to find some plans to just make a basic box?
  13. Any suggestions on the radius of the round over bit to smooth the edge or is that just really preference? The parts are 3/4-inch and I was going to round both sides of the part. Would a 1/4 round over be too much on both sides and an 1/8 would be better?
  14. So I was lucky enough that a guy at work has a domino and he let me use it to make the joints on the project. I did a couple of test fits with it and seemed to be set up pretty good. I watched a couple of videos online and and tried the test that used some scrap parts to show that when I made a connection the end of the scrap parts stayed flush showing the alignment sight was correct. As you can see from the two photos below, one joint looks right on but the second one looks slightly off. The parts all went together ok and at first look they appear to be level. I was not sure if that is just s
  15. Making some progress! Was able to get one of the sides completed and all glued up tonight. Glad I kept the taper cutoffs as they really helped in the clamping!
  16. Ha...should have looked their first...thanks for the post!
  17. I have not used hand planes too much in the past but I have been trying to use them in my work. I inherited a wood river block plane and wood river 4.5 smoothing plane, any recommendations on resources for how to tune them up and get them ready for use and best ways to use them? Also the block plane has an adjustable mouth and was looking for any advice on how you set the opening based on what you are doing with the plane.
  18. You will have to keep us posted on the jointer! I just have the basic dust collector from Rockler that I mounted on the wall, but I did get the upgraded filter instead of just the bag. It seems to keep up with all of my tools and does a good enough job. I did add a cyclone upstream of the dust collector as it is amazing how much wood you collect off the jointer and planer. I was changing the bags a lot which are kind of a pain and putting the cyclone upstream that drops into a drum is much easier to maintain.
  19. How did you figure out the night for your bench? I am wanting to build the bench next after my current project. I have not done much research yet on the topic and was not sure if there were some rules of thumb.
  20. Yes it is those fold up Kreg tables with the blue legs. I totally understand what you mean and if I have to clamp anything or do hard work on them they move around a lot. I have the bottoms of mine loaded with some storage boxes and they are up against a wall so that helps. Next on my list is to build a workbench and I have been looking around at a few but not settled on one yet.
  21. I totally understand you feelings! I used to do the same thing in my garage and made the change to keep the car out and setup my shop. It has been wonderful!!!! Now I can just wonder into the shop and cut a part or two when I have a second and not spend all of my time moving stuff around. I would get the planer first, but it really depends on the type of work you are doing. I really enjoy taking the time and milling rough lumber down to use on projects and the jointer has really helped in that process. I just have some Kreg portable benches that I am using to get by and someday I will make m
  22. Do you typically leave the bark on or take it off when it is drying.
  23. Finally was able to make some more progress this week! Got all of the parts laid out, jointery cut, arches cut on the side parts, and tapers cut on the legs. I recently bought a “better” band saw blade than what came stock on the saw and was really impressed with how much smoother it cut than the original blade. Way worth the small cost for the upgrade. I do not use the band saw a lot currently but have started to tinker with the guide bearings and blade and it does make some small improvements in the cuts. Luckily for this project just a little sanding on the curves and the jointer to fix th
  24. Did you do anything special to let the wood dry or just stack it in a corner? I wish I knew what kind of wood it is but, have no idea other that it looks pretty. That is also the fun part to me as you might end up with something out of a wood that is not really available commercially or that may other folks would have something.
  25. Sorry...if they still don’t show up let me know.