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  1. Thanks, John, I just went to their showroom and showed the pictures to their manager. The guy still didn’t want to admit it’s a defect, but he promised to try fixing it first, and if it doesn’t go well, they’ll exchange it.
  2. I’m not so sure whether they used grain filler or not. I can see the surface is also rough on the other parts of the grain, but when I see from distance, only that part is obvious.
  3. Thanks for the responses guys. I took a new photo this morning which is probably easier to see the defect. I’m going to have a chat with the guy in their showroom, and let’s see what they say.
  4. That’s so true. I’m not satisfied as it’s their flagship dining table which is supposed to have better quality. I was actually telling my wife that they might use “natural wood’s imperfections” as an excuse, and they just did the same. They gave us some discount and said they don’t accept exchange as it’s not a defect. That’s why I want to find some evidence to approve that it is their fault.
  5. Hi, thanks for the answer. The first picture and the third are the same area. It is a large area of dark grain which seems to absorb the finish, or the finish is not sticking to it. It can only be seen under some angle of the light, and it feels rough.
  6. Hi, folks, I bought this dining table last week and found that the finish doesn’t adhere to the part shown in the pictures. I wonder is it a finish or sanding problem? The seller told me it’s acceptable imperfections with natural wood, and one of their support guys told me it’s called “tiger stripe” on natural oak which is normal on quarter saw wood, but it doesn’t look like quarter saw to me. They’ve agreed to give me 10% discount on this one, but I don’t know if I should accept that. If I want to argue with them, could someone tell me what kind of defect it is? Or if it’s normal imperfections, is there anyway I can fix it?
  7. Thanks for the answers, guys. The brand I used is this one: https://www.feastwatson.com.au/products/indoor-products/clear-coat/clear-varnish/ An oil-based matt clear varnish. I think I probably didn’t allow the coat before the latest cure completely, as I did see my sand paper got gummy. In terms of sanding and reapplying the finish, should I sand the whole benchtop or just around the wrinkles? @wtnhighlander I wonder what kind of contamination could it be? Something suspicious I can think of, is the mineral spirits remaining in my brush, or the wet cloth I used to clear the coat before the latest. Could it be any of those?
  8. I was applying the 4th layer of the polyurethane finish to a new benchtop. After it dried, I saw some cracks that didn’t happen in the previous layers. Anyone knows how I can fix them? https://ibb.co/xgQwnLg https://ibb.co/xJMFD1h