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  1. It is veneer - I did do some sanding (just came back to this forum and saw the warnings, yikes). I also did a bit of steaming to try and take out the hollow. I don't think I really took much of the wood off - mostly the oil (changed out a lot of sandpaper). I'm just going to live with it as is....not try to fix the dent any more than I have (the steaming worked to take about 1/2 of the depth out), and I know it will be a bit weird looking right there, but I'd rather live with a small imperfection than ruin it more. I've attached a pic of what it looks like now. It is sanded to 600 grit and I'l
  2. Hi Chestnut and wtnhighlander, Thank you both for your comments. I will sand that piece, reoil and then stick it in the sun! Awesome help, thank you, teresa
  3. I sanded a very lightly stained inherited mid century teak veneer coffee table with 220 grit followed by 600, I applied a coat of Danish oil, waited 10 min, rubbed down with paper towel, waited a day, did the second coat (again waited 10 min and then rubbed off excess). All was beautiful. And then 4 hours later disaster and this is when I went off course. I noticed a dark scratch on the wood that I had missed. I sanded the spot out, with 220 and 600, and then tried dabbing the Danish oil in and wiping off, and then a day later, applied the second coat to try and catch up, but there is a d