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  1. I work best with a mirror ball spinning... The shelf is storage for the hose when it's not in use because it comes down in the center of the garage.
  2. Updates.... I ended up moving everything inside and just ran the exhaust through the wall. I have about 20 feet of 5" pipe, one 45 degree bend and two 28 degree bends in the attic. Then I transition to the flex hose in the shop. It's actually working really well and has kept up with my 13" planer and 6" jointer. I incorporated the cyclone into my shelving, and was able to put shelves back in after it wall assembled so I didn't loose much storage.
  3. I understand running the cyclone before impeller is the norm. However I don't have room in my shop for the bin and cyclone. Running them outside makes the pipe layout less complicated in my building. I'm not worried about sucking up nails, I have two shop vacs and 3 brooms for that. I also know that the smaller vac hose won't be very efficient but... I see them on overarm table saw blade guards and sanding stations all the time. (going to 4"+ pipe) Are you telling me they don't work at all? I was thinking when using the smaller hose I would have both sides of the wye open?
  4. Here is a drawing section of what I'm thinking.
  5. Hello, I'm trying to put together a simple and effective DC system on a tight budget. I don't want to have dedicated drops for tools, but just one drop that will attach to each tool as I am using them. I am planning on using the 4" Dust Right system for hoses and quick disconnects. My shop tools that I need dust collection for are: 3hp TS, 6" jointer, 13" planer, sanders, bandsaw etc. I picked up an almost new 2hp HF DC for $50. My plan is to run a main 5" line through the attic to the center of the garage ceiling. There I will have the 5x4x4 wye that will be attached to the 4" dust
  6. FWIW Wen has the same impeller for $35 Part # 3403-22 but you have to call to order.