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  1. I work best with a mirror ball spinning... The shelf is storage for the hose when it's not in use because it comes down in the center of the garage.
  2. Updates.... I ended up moving everything inside and just ran the exhaust through the wall. I have about 20 feet of 5" pipe, one 45 degree bend and two 28 degree bends in the attic. Then I transition to the flex hose in the shop. It's actually working really well and has kept up with my 13" planer and 6" jointer. I incorporated the cyclone into my shelving, and was able to put shelves back in after it wall assembled so I didn't loose much storage.
  3. I understand running the cyclone before impeller is the norm. However I don't have room in my shop for the bin and cyclone. Running them outside makes the pipe layout less complicated in my building. I'm not worried about sucking up nails, I have two shop vacs and 3 brooms for that. I also know that the smaller vac hose won't be very efficient but... I see them on overarm table saw blade guards and sanding stations all the time. (going to 4"+ pipe) Are you telling me they don't work at all? I was thinking when using the smaller hose I would have both sides of the wye open?
  4. Here is a drawing section of what I'm thinking.
  5. Hello, I'm trying to put together a simple and effective DC system on a tight budget. I don't want to have dedicated drops for tools, but just one drop that will attach to each tool as I am using them. I am planning on using the 4" Dust Right system for hoses and quick disconnects. My shop tools that I need dust collection for are: 3hp TS, 6" jointer, 13" planer, sanders, bandsaw etc. I picked up an almost new 2hp HF DC for $50. My plan is to run a main 5" line through the attic to the center of the garage ceiling. There I will have the 5x4x4 wye that will be attached to the 4" dust right hose on one side and the 1.5" dust right hose on the other. The 1.5" might get left off when not in use to avoid restricting the airflow.... Main pipe through the attic minus elbows is about 23 feet. I will mount the DC on the wall at ceiling height to cut down on additional elbows. The way I have figured I will only need 4 long sweep elbows or double 45's The DC exhaust will exit the building and enter a 5" Super Dust Deputy and fill a trash can. No filter figured, and yes I know I will be sucking out my shop air. My question is as small and simple as I have tried to keep everything. Does this look like it would work with the HF DC, 5" pipe, 5" Deputy, and the stock impeller? Obviously the other option is to upgrade the impeller and change to 6" pipe with the 6" Deputy but for only using one tool at time I don't know if its worth it. bench5.pdf
  6. FWIW Wen has the same impeller for $35 Part # 3403-22 but you have to call to order.