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  1. Thank you all for your advice. I have seen the link V-belts at Rockler. They're a bit pricey. I didn't realize Harbor Freight carries them so I'll look for them there. Was thinking about replacing the belt on my bandsaw with a link belt to reduce the vibration. Will wait until I actually have the jointer and can take off the old belt and measure before purchasing a new one. Same with the cutter blades. Looks like this place may carry the right size jointer knives/cutters,
  2. I inherited my father's circa 1950's Craftsman 6 inch jointer. Model 103.20660. I need to purchase a new set of cutter blades and a pulley for the motor. Manual says it takes a 1/2 inch Vee type belt but doesn't specify the size. Does anyone know where I might purchase parts? I tried Sears Parts direct but they don't have anything with this model number. I can't measure the pulley as I'm in Maine and it is still in Indiana. I wanted to purchase the parts before I drive back to pick it up next month. Any advice on restoring will be helpful. Thanks.