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  1. this is not my first cutting board to make just my largest and I havent used that wood and avoid paduk as much as possible for same reason. I agree on sapella not being th best choice and told the customer this but she wanted it Specifically to match some other pieces that she had and used it competitions all you can do is tell them what you think if they choose to do differently not much you can do about it. Southern women once they have made their mind up there ain’t no use in fighting that battle,
  2. No but mine is heated in winter and installed it in the summer so that maybr the reason I havent
  3. Table. The thing is they have to place hog then carry it to judging area. The carry will be two guys so the weight of the board plus hog being carried worried me. The board will be a slab of sapella 10 wide and 4.5 long then a 5/4 by 2” strip of hickory then a 5/4 by 2” strip walnut another hickory then the other 2” by 10” by 4.5 foot sapella In my mind I have this picture of the board folding in half and pig hitting ground. My initial thought was that just glue would be fine but guess I was looking for a way to ensure my worst fear never happened.
  4. My shop should really should have a splash zone warning label as I tend to be a messy when dealing with glue and oil. I tried melamine tops and they would get scratched up easily and then those areas swell when soaked. For years I have used Formica For its ease of cleaning and durability. When I built my current bench I discovered that my local big box store no longer carried It in 4 x 8 sheets. They said I could order a sheet and it would take about two weeks to come in and being The patient person I am I started grumbling and walking back towards the front of the store to find an alternative
  5. I like the spline idea thank you I know it’s overkill but I tend to go with more is better lol. There will be no base I suggested it but she wants it to lay flat who knows why
  6. this is going to be a long answer but your workbench height can be tricky. Some people want to build all their work tables at the same height so they can be used as in feed and out feed or so simply because it is more aesthetically pleasing. I’m not one of those people my tool tables use electric screw lifts to bring them up to the height of whatever tools I am using or so I can expand my work bench when needed This means my workbench can function independently of everything. I’m 6’2” tall and have due to many fun but stupid adventures in my youth some back and shoulder reminders that make wor
  7. I know you’re right I guess I’m just old fashion and really worry about that much weight being centered in the middle of a board that heavy until recently I was more of a mechanical faster type fella just getting into this cutting board business
  8. I a no expert but in same situation as you everything in my shop has wheels as my shop is the wife’s parking space. I park outside so everything stores in my spot. I looked at a lot of benches and went back and forth wether to buy or build. I think I have viewed every workbench video on YouTube. The best thing I ever did was buy a two dollar notebook and throw it on my old workbench. I do a lot of different type of work from mechanic to woodworking to drawing. I gave myself 60 days and for those 60 days every time I did any work at my bench I wrote down about the current bench what I liked, h
  9. Cutting board for whole hog A customer contacted me and wanted a 4.5 foot x 2 foot whole hog cutting board that was 2 inches thick with the main body being mostly made up of solid pieces. When I asked she said he does competition cookouts and they usually try to average between 60 and 70 pound hog. I was able to get a 2 inch slab of Sapello that I can cut in half to get the length and will be using hickory and walnut as a middle stripe that she asked for. With a cutting board of this size I worry about glue being enough. Since I don’t have Access to a domino tool I am torn between u
  10. I have tried to find information on the subject and no luck. Has anyone tried running a Dust deputy on the exhaust side of the blower. I modified my HF dust collector with a win filter, bigger impeller and a thien baffle That I installed in the old ring portion of the Hf collector. I made a plywood ring and use the old plastic bag to make a shoot that the dust collects in. The reason I like the set up is that it allows me to use plastic bags in my collection drum rather than having to empty out a barrel I simply lift the bag twist it and throw it out with the garbage. I don’t have to worry