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  1. I don’t think I could make it Look close to “new”. The edges are too beat up. I was thinking possibly a distressed look with milk paint. I think the darker color would take away from the wrought iron. The distressed look would both take away from the current damage and add to the theme. I’d be scared ‘just to clean it up a little’. I think I would go too far. The top does need some finish. I haven’t worked with shellac. I do have a spray gun but it is for water based paints/finishes. Im in no hurry to finish and will welcome all suggestions for a few weeks.
  2. Just acquired this wrought iron bakers rack over a buffet. It’s pretty beat up but a cool little piece. I was looking for suggestions on refinishing. I say refinishing but it seems pretty raw. Pics are included plus I found a similar one online in ideal shape. I have experience in using wood dyes(general finishes) and urethane. No table equipment. Recently built a shed, carport, and remove carpet and stained my steps/refinished hand rails. No furniture projects until this one.