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  1. Thank you. That is very helpful to know. I should have tested with some scrap wood I had leftover, but I got overly excited. I think I will try to buy the dark walnut they have and maybe that will give it some color. I'm looking for a medium brown, something along the lines of light walnut. But I will test first with some small pieces just to see how these pine boards respond.
  2. Hello there, I need some advice on what to do. Last weekend I worked on my first ever solo wood project. I was able to produce a simple sofa table out of cheap pine 2x2s and a 12 inch by 1 inch pine board. Construction looks wood, but I wanted the wood to look darker so I decided to apply Watco Danish Oil. In every single video I saw the oil darkened the wood quite a bit from the light pine color to something more mid tone. However, when I applied the Watco Danish Oil Natural, nothing much happened to my table. You can see more definition on the knots, but little change in coloration. The prep consisted of sanding, I applied a coat of wood conditioner and when that dried the danish oil. What did I do wrong? Is there any way I could now stain the wood after applying the oil? Please help