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  1. I'm building a gaming table with a recessed play surface...the walls of the recess are oak and they flex ever so slightly...I'm going to blue a piece between the wall and the table apron to secure but it will likely have a little give...what is a good finish that won't crack under shouldn't be much but some...will polyurethane work or is there something better ..
  2. I want to build a table like this. I have some almost 2 inch thick oak to use as the arm rest around the perimeter of the table. My question is what is the best and most secure way to attach these 4 perimeter pieces while also accounting for wood movement. Should I just do a butt joint with dowels as I have a great doweling jig? Should I do a mitered joint and just glue the two together? A miter with a spline? Or should I do a mortise and tenon with a dowel to allow for movement? Any advise is appreciated. There is link to image
  3. Id like some opinion. I am building a 7ft by 50 inch wide Board game table.....It will consist of solid oak apron as well as a 5 inch solid oak top arm rest. I will recess a plywood playing surface that will be 40inch wide by roughly 7 ft. Now for the legs. I want the legs to be oak to match the apron but solid oak legs are EXPENSIVE. Like 150 bucks shipped. I dont have a planer or jointer so I cant make my own legs of solid wood if I want them to be square. Anyways I am considering getting Oak veneer plywood and cutting 4 pieces at a 45 degree angle and essentially building a Plywood box with