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  1. I have oak that's riddled with holes from bugs. I need to fill them.. I plan to stain the project a dark color...I've seen stuff where people mix Sandi g dust with glue but if I o this it probably won't stain...I wondered...could I get sawdust and mix it with my stain and let that dry...then mix that with glue and fill the hole? I also considered clear epoxy after staining but the stuff I have isn't runny enough to get it in the holes .....I've tried before...
  2. I'm building a gaming table with a recessed play surface...the walls of the recess are oak and they flex ever so slightly...I'm going to blue a piece between the wall and the table apron to secure but it will likely have a little give...what is a good finish that won't crack under shouldn't be much but some...will polyurethane work or is there something better ..
  3. I want to build a table like this. I have some almost 2 inch thick oak to use as the arm rest around the perimeter of the table. My question is what is the best and most secure way to attach these 4 perimeter pieces while also accounting for wood movement. Should I just do a butt joint with dowels as I have a great doweling jig? Should I do a mitered joint and just glue the two together? A miter with a spline? Or should I do a mortise and tenon with a dowel to allow for movement? Any advise is appreciated. There is link to image
  4. Id like some opinion. I am building a 7ft by 50 inch wide Board game table.....It will consist of solid oak apron as well as a 5 inch solid oak top arm rest. I will recess a plywood playing surface that will be 40inch wide by roughly 7 ft. Now for the legs. I want the legs to be oak to match the apron but solid oak legs are EXPENSIVE. Like 150 bucks shipped. I dont have a planer or jointer so I cant make my own legs of solid wood if I want them to be square. Anyways I am considering getting Oak veneer plywood and cutting 4 pieces at a 45 degree angle and essentially building a Plywood box with mitered edges to be the legs. My question is if I have 4 of these "plywood" table legs will they be strong enough to support the table? Any thoughts? Would it be better to make the legs from cheap 1x4 pine and cover it with veneer myself or is plywood sufficient? Thanks