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  1. That makes sense. Final question: I can see that I can upgrade to a 5 micron bag for the Rockler system. Is that good enough to NOT have to wear a respirator? If not, is there a different filter I can add so that I won't have to wear one? Thanks for the help so far, I know these are very basic questions.
  2. Thanks for the input. Unfortunately the HF DC is not showing online availability until late August. My local HF doesn't have any in stock. Robby - is Tickler the name brand? I did a google search but didn't find anything relevant. Would the Rockler Dust Right Wall-Mount Dust Collector, 1250 CFM be a good unit to start with?
  3. I'm really new to woodworking. I've made a few large desks, but they were built using hand tools. I just bought a SawStop PCS and I'm pretty excited to use it. The dust collection part has me confused though, so many options and products. What is the cheapest/most simple solution that I can get by with until I can save up more money for a better/permanent DC solution? Thanks!