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  1. This past weekend, my wife and I participated in a local handmade craft show. It was a great success. I had right at 72 pieces. All but 6 were sold by days end. Show was from 10 am to 5 pm.
  2. tpritch

    TV Cabinet

    Recently a co-worker asked if i could design and make a TV cabinet for in in-laws who were replacing an outdated projector style TV to a modern streamlined big screen TV. I designed this in Sketchup. basing the size of location of current TV and to fit into the scheme of their living room. This cabinet is made of Red Oak plywood and Rough sawn Red Oak. I used the rough sawn for the doors, drawer fronts, front frame and top. The drawer slides are soft close. The shelves on both sides are adjustable up and down. For the finish I used Minwax Satin Polyurethane. Overall size is 15" deep x 20" tall x 52" long. Free Sketchup plans may be downloaded from this site:
  3. A friend of mine is looking for a 8.5" saw blade for his Craftsman table saw. Does anyone know if they have one to sell or know if they are still making them?
  4. tpritch

    My Carvings

    I wanted to share a few of my carvings. I carved a walking stick for my step-brother and a cane for a co-worker friend of mine who recently passed away. I'm posting this honor of my friend Don
  5. Thanks Marco. It was fun to make. If you wish to have the full size pattern your welcome to have it. You can download here: Also here is where I posted on "Lumber Jocks" I show a little bit more detail how I made it: You can print this out on a sheet of 11 x 17 paper. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.
  6. tpritch

    Christmas Gifts 2014

    These are a few Christmas gifts to my family
  7. I'm in the progress of building a desk with a roll top tambour door feature and I purchased a tambour bit set from Eagle America. I was very happy with the results. Now I'm doing a final sanding on each segment before I assemble together. The bit set I purchased advertised that I can either use the canvas backing or the cable system. After seeing several videos about using canvas, I can see how that would work. My preferred method is to use cable. My question is: 1. How much tension should I use to make sure that it is still flexible to follow the track and not too loose to gap? 2. Also, has anyone done both methods and what kind of results did you have? Did you prefer one over the other? Here is a blog of mine where I share some pictures. FYI, the tambour you see is not connected together.
  8. tpritch

    Wood Storage

    To the Master Poster...Great ideas one of the pictures with the sheet stock angled lower compartment with adjustable shelves above is what I currently have. Maybe I need to make better use of the space? Thanks again
  9. tpritch

    Wood Storage

    Thanks to your feed back. I will apply your comments to my shop.
  10. tpritch

    Wood Storage

    I am looking for a good method to store all my scrap wood. Much as wood cost I hate to throw stuff away. You never know when you will need it. I would like to have you share with me what type of process do you use that works. The best way I can think is new long boards be stored on rack, smaller pieces be put on shelves, but if someone would have a unique way to do so, I would love to hear. Thanks Tom
  11. I have been building kitchen cabinets for my home. On one of my wall cabinet I need to make less then a standard 12" deep. It will be around 10"deep. In this cabinet I need to put in light duty full extension side mount slide. Because of the cabinet depth is less then a standard 12" depth a 12" slide will be too long. Can anyone tell me if a slide can be cut down in length? Maybe down to 8" long? I have seen where I can purchase a 8", but I don't have time to order and wait. Best Regards Tom
  12. tpritch


    Carving santas is one other woodworking passion I have. Still learning to get better.
  13. tpritch


    This project was a workcenter that I put together because of my small shop. I can route, plane, build on and store tools in one unit. It also rolls around to move out of the way if needed.
  14. Trace good to have other hoosiers online. Even if they have left. As I mentioned, wood working has been one of my hobbies that helped me through my treatments and so fourth. I hope to gain more knowledge from this forum. Happy holidays...Tom