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  1. I took your advice and got some gel stain. This is after one thin coat. I will do another coat later. It looks so much better already. Thank you so much.
  2. Thank you. I’m sure this is what happened. I took wtnhighlander advice and went and got some gel stain. I got a little darker than what my cabinet color is and it worked. It still needs work and will do another coat but it looks so much better already.
  3. I appreciate y’all’s help. I’m a Newbie on here and learning how to post pictures and reply. Hope I’m doing it correctly. I’ve stained many projects before and never had this happen. This is my first time staining oak cabinets though and They were unfinished and cleaned before I started. They were pretty well sanded and so I didn’t sand before applying the first coat of stain. I did not use Pre stain conditioner the first time because I read you don’t have to with oak. I want a rustic look but not this rustic. Lol
  4. Can I use gel stain over the penetrating stain? Minwax rep said I couldn’t because the gel stain will not penetrate and will just sit on top even though they are both oil stains.
  5. I posted a picture. I’ve been working with it this morning trying to get it to blend and I think it’s getting a little better. It’s not so defined as it was. I really only see it when the light hits it from the window. I was wondering about using gel stain over it. I’m not super crazy about the grain anyway, my husband likes it but I don’t really. Can I use gel stain over the penetrating stain? The rep with minwax said I can’t because it will just sit on top of the cabinet.
  6. My husband and I put in Lowe’s unfinished oak cabinets that I stained with minwax oil penetrating dark walnut. Some of the doors did not take the stain very well and I got some blotchiness. One door in particular has a huge irregular spot that is super light and so noticeable as it is above my range vent hood and irritating to me. I sanded the door down to bare wood and added a pre stain conditioner before staining again and still got the same problem. How can I fix this? Could I use gel stain over the oil penetrating stain? Thanks for any help you can give me.