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  1. The best light color marking I have found is with 'Pilot Color Eno' leads which come in yellow and pink and are 0.7 mm. They mark almost as good as a graphite pencil and leave a reasonable mark. I have tried chopnhacks' idea of the Khoor-i-noor 3.2 mm leads and they were an expensive fail. The dont mark well and dont hold a point well. The Pilot color Eno leads are pretty cheap on Amazon and fit in any 0.7 holder but they do sell pencils color coded for the lead. I chose to go with those so it was easy to see what I was grabbing to mark with. Hope this is helpful
  2. Anyone had an experience like this one? I came home from work and my brother-in-law proudly proclaimed he gave me some hardwood that had been hanging around his property. I went into the basement to see and there in the corner is a few dozen big pieces of wood that was covered in powder post beetle holes. I, screamed inside, but had to stop and figure out how to be polite while letting him know that these pieces were infested. After he left, i started moving them out of the basement. While moving them, I got hurt, and took off my glasses to look at the scrape i recieved. Then went back to work. Unfortunately, my glasses were still outside and in the spot where the new piece was to be piled. I did not realize this until after i smashed the frames. After some choice words, I calmed down enough to get the wood removed. Next step was to break it down to burn it. First thought was to use a reciprocating saw but that was going too slow. A few stroke of a handsaw and the flames of my anger rose. In a bad mood about this ordeal, I got the idea to buck it up on the bandsaw. The problem was the bandsaw had a new carbide tipped blade installed and I was too angry to change blades. After a few cuts, I kink the blade and ruin it. My poison gift, cost me welll over $200. I can laugh now, but there are hystical overtones. Anyone else have a story like this?
  3. I bought 2 of those xmas light remotes and my 2hp DC burned em up. Each took about a month but they did die. Just too light duty for that much amperage. I really liked the small remotes they came with. The Penn State Industries remote I have now is annoyingly large.
  4. My favorite paradox with dovetails is when someone uses it with argument of it's strength but then succumbs to modern aesthetics and makes the pins so skinny as to greatly weaken the joint.
  5. raruss1

    Favorite wood?

    Air dried Walnut is so wonderful, it is a pleasure to work with handtools. So beautiful. The more I use it, the more I love it. Hate the steamed stuff, muddy and boring. Madrone is another one that I love. The wood is beautiful. It cuts so nice with hand tools and machine tools. Since it is close pored and hard it polishes up to a wonderful sheen. Perfect wood for a wax finish. Yew is a close third. Light, hard and a rich warm color. The perfect wood for something that is tough but light. This will also look superb with a wax finish. Since it grows so slow it is very stable. Old growth, air dried Alder is also a joy to work with and has amazing depth. Hate the steamed stuff, so BORING and lifeless.
  6. Andreas, If you are experiencing rapid loss of your burr, I would start with thinking the burr is too aggressive. Try to lighten up on the burnishing part. Also, a light hand is all that is needed if you find the hook. The William Ng video on The Wood Whisper site does a real good job of covering how little of a burr is needed and how light of a touch to use. For the hot hands part, that is normal, the thin gloves are IMO the best way to go. Any kind of holder will remove a lot of the control that you get from flexing the card by hand.
  7. I have this jointer and started to have problems and kept checking for co-planer and level and sqaure and all that and everything was perfect yet the problem continued. Someone mentioned that it sounded like dull knives. I put some sharp ones in and voila!
  8. I am in the early planning stages to build a media cabinet and would like to hide the DVR, DVD and Wii behind door panels but still have heat escape and the remote controls work with the doors closed. Is there such a material? Any help would be great as I seemed to not have the right search words in Google.
  9. i get gread results with either a low angle plane (25 degrees) or a high angle plane (52 degrees) get yer blade really sharp for this
  10. raruss1

    wine caddy

    Nice! Musta smelled real nice in the shop when cutting the cedar
  11. My feeling is pick the tooling that appeals to you, if some part of woodworking is not enjoyable, then explore alternatives. FACTOR IN YOUR SPECIFICS! Do you plan to make money at this? What things do you make? Do you have physical limitations that might impair performing the task? Factor in the emotional -- try to be aware of emotional influence on your decision. Power tools bring a lot to the craft. Hand tools bring a lot to the craft. If you are limiting yourself for emotional reasons, is that the best of reasons. The power tool only has its limits as does hand tool only. If those are limits that make you happy then it is for you. I do my woodworking for fun and not fortune so I can pick how I want a task to be performed. I like to commute by bike but I am not going to the hardwood dealer on my bike, nor am I going to cart home a bandsaw on my bike. Just like when building a workbench you should run through all the operations you intend to use it for and make sure that you at least account for how the bench will perform in that operation, the same needs to be done for what tooling you want/plan to use, and factor in scale as well. Does resawing a 4' long board that is 10" wide sound like fun by hand? Does hand milling 60 bf of rough sawn white oak sound thrilling? Does cutting large corbels with a bow saw sound exciting? Does making a jewelery box sound like fun with routers and tablesaws? Do you like fussing with tablesaw setups to make your tenons fit right from the saw? Does running a ROS for an hour seem miserable? There are lots of power tool tasks that make me cringe. I wont do those. There are lots of hand tool tasks that make be cringe. I wont do those. Let the fun continue
  12. Very Nice, you won't have trouble finding someone wanting it. My first one was net done and the whole family jockeyed for it.
  13. Hey, go check out todays free Ezine from Woodworkers Journal, very funny: http://www.woodworkersjournal.com/Ezine/Public/Ezine.aspx I especially like the free tools templates and the Editors notes: "Lea Kneelson, has proposed a moratorium on all corded and cordless power tools"