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  1. 6/16/21 test results ( short term ) spar varnish over poly acrylic using untreated ¼” sanded ply. . . I feel the varnish will work. I can’t put into words the experience of applying varnish over poly acrylic because I’m not academically smart ( just being real ) . However the experience was not the same as let’s say spar varnish of traditional coatings such as stain. In the end , the varnish leveled off . Outside of my dust partial inclusions, the appearance was pleasing . After 3 day cure , I flexed the 4x2 ft test arrival 6 to 10” and did not notice any anomalies. The test article has now become a bottom surface to my plastic 4 shelf storage rack. If requested, I will give a 6 mo update as this piece will have endorsed the summer heat and the cool fall temps , by then. My appoligies in advance if I have put-off anyone who took their time to read this, as this is my 1st ever entry into any forum. I’m usually a reader of others. SEAN.
  2. So the answer is “ it’s not known how it will work until a test sample has been created and evaluated” . . . Correct ?? Well , I’ll be applying the spar varnish today or tomorrow ( 6/4 or 6/5/21 ) . I’ll report back next week. I too am having difficulties achieving a thick looking , glossy coat with just my poly acrylic. Therefore instead of assuming it will work , we’ll know for sure next week. Of course even then , long term results won’t be known until long term time has passed. Sean . . . from NJ .